Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Photos of the Latest

Indigo/Mirage print Inspires - so many colors you can pair with these.

 The Pow Stripe Distance hat is tempting me. I hardly ever wear my patterned hats, though.

 I really like this color combo - Deep Indigo Optimal tank and Pow Pacesetter skirt.

 The Pow Define (cannot wait for mine to get her) and the Bruise Berry Wunder Under pants (I think).
Mirage print Wunder Under pants. In this pair the Mirage print starts at the top but I think the pattern is the other way around in the crop version. Not sure, though. Update - the WUs with the white at the top of the pant are supposedly a manufacturing error and getting sent back.

Rare photo of the Pow Optimal tank, shown with the Roll Down Short.

Some photos of the new Engage bra. The straps can be crossed, too.

 Some photos of the Light As Air Shorts.

 Photos of the Run Nada Jacket. It seems to be snug in the shoulder area in a lot of photos.

The Black Team Spirit SS top.

Photos of the Latest

 Photo of the new Bruised Berry Wunder Under pants and Pow Optimal Tank. Also, shown is the Lift and Separate bra.
Pow Define and White/Silver Turbo shorts.

Check it out - a new Pow Amphipod handheld. Also shown is the new Pow Stripe Pacesetter skirt and the Pop Orange Scoop Me Up tank.

 New Groove waistband in Pop Orange and Pow Pink. Also, a glimpse of the new Deep Indigo Tie and Fly tank.
 The Good Fortune bag in Mirage Print.

Even though I don't like the jacket, I like the Pow and Pop combo - Pow Pink Nada Jacket, Pop Orange Swiftly and Pow stripe Pacesetter skirt.

Great looking run outfit - Pow V-neck Swiftly and Indigo/Mirage Inspire Crops.

Photos of the Lilac Team Spirit SS Tech top.