Saturday, July 7, 2012

Method for Pre-Washing Bleeders

There is a resident stain expert, Ms. Laura B., in our lulu Facebook groups who swears this method should fix our bleeding lulu. I am trying it tonight on my Pow Pink Cool Racerback and will let you know if I experience any bleeding down the line. Since I have the "bad" pH perspiration I'll find out one way or another. This should ideally be done after you take the tags off a new piece of lulu, before you wear it:

  • wash ONCE in cold water with NO detergent
  • followed by TWO washes in HOT water WITH detergent
  • after than launder as normal, which for most of us is in cold water
Laura says that the hot water is needed to remove the excess dye molecules. Since most of us launder our lulu in cold water excess dye molecules can remain dormant for several washes until heat or humidity hits the floating dye molecules and the garment bleeds. She said she used this method on her Flash Vinyasa scarf and Flash Cool Racerback after she got purple marks (self-dying) and hasn't had any more problems with those items. I think I'll go back and try a couple of hot washes on my Flash/Dune Cool Racerback to see if it fixes my purple armpits in that item.

Spotted In Stores - New Headband Style

New bow headband spotted in the store. I don't have a name yet. It's cute but I'm definitely not the market for this one. Here are some amusing comments about it:

  • Ivivva should make this.

  • Cute for my 4&8 yr olds but bows are in fashion

  • Is lulu doing a Hello Kitty theme? [My personal favorite]
Thanks to Stacy for the photo.

NEW! Mirage Print Scoop Me Up Tank

Interesting new Scoop Me Up tank in the Mirage Print. I wonder why they chose to make the center seam in the back use a contrasting dark thread and not repeat it around the neckline and elsewhere. I like to see a close up of this tank because the bottom portion looks pinker than the bra portion.

Wrong pH? Too Bad.

The above is a photo of a Flash / Dune striped Daily tank that developed purple areas after being worn for a run. This is a common thing with this color and it washes out. It happens to me in the armpit area when I wear my Flash/Dune CRB. It's irritating and I hope it goes away after a few more washes but some people don't care to put up with it. One reader made an inquiry to lulu about returning her color-changing Daily Tank and this was the response she got:


You can click on the above email to enlarge it but the body of it says:

"Thanks for your response and for providing a bit more information for us to be able to accurately assess your Daily Tank. This is not something that we will take back as a return or exchange as it does not have to do with the quality or integrity of the garment. I have heard of issues similar to this happening with other guests and it is due to the varying pH levels in sweat which can cause a staining effect on some of our bright colours and should wash out." [bold emphasis mine]

Really? A brand that never used to have trouble with colors changing or bleeding and now does and it's our fault? Apparently we're not supposed to sweat in our athletic clothes. Christine Day is living up to her infamous declaration to the Wall Street Journal that "we aren't Nordstrom" regarding lululemon's attitude towards customer service. C'mon lulu you can do better than this. In fact, I know you have in many, many cases. A little customer service goes a long way. Why make people escalate their claims to get satisfaction? You have a lot of brand loyalty but your recent exponential growth parallels the beginning of the bleeding problems. You aren't going to retain these new customers by continuing to give them a poor product and / or not backing it up with good customer service.

Senorita Pink vs. Pow Pink

A reader asked for a comparison between Pow Pink and Senorita Pink. On the left is the new Pow Cool Racerback. On top of it is an older Pow PinkMesh Headwrap. You can't see it in this photo but there is a slight different in color between the two. On the right is a Senorita Pink Scoop Neck.

Spotted in Stores - Pow Pink Define Jacket

Spotted in London - a solid Pow Pink Define. I posted a small view of the jacket to give you an idea of the stitching, zipper pull etc. I'm very excited to for this to hit North America. (Thanks to Ms. J. for the photos.)

Pop Orange vs. Electric Orange

A comparison of Pop Orange (left) and Electric Orange. Thanks to Tiffany for the photo.