Thursday, June 28, 2012

NEW! Wandering Yogi Tank,Halter, & Bra. Also, Wanderful Flare Pant, Covers It All Dress, and More

More photos of the new Perfect Layer tee. I really like the looks of it. I don't have a price yet. Also shown are the new Wanderful Flare pant.

New Wandering Yogi Tank, shown in black Seaside dot burnout and white seaside dot burnout. I can see this being cute to put on over a tank after class. The white is shown with the Mirage print Diversity Wunder Unders.

New Wandering Yogi Bra shown underneath the Wandering Yogi Tank, with Diversity Wunder Unders in the Mirage print.

New Wandering Yogi Halter shown in Pop Orange. This looks like it's made of luon or luon light.

Wandering Yogi Halter shown with Bruised Berry (I think) Om Pants.

New Covers It All (tube) Dress. This is made out of tube of vitasea. The price is $98. The top one is shown with a new Sackasana bag in Bruised Berry. (My favorite board comment on this "dress": It says its multi functional ... dress, skirt, top, scarf, window coverings, bedspread, car seat covers ... the list goes on & on!)

Photo of the White Om Pant with a Deep Indigo Scoop Me Up Tank.

NEW! One for Om Leotard

New One for Om Leotard made of power luxtreme. It looks like it will show your every dimple and bump - do those women even have under garments on? What percentage of lulu customers is this even applicable to? 3%? 5%?

I like some of these initial comments from my lulu board:
  • When did Lulu and Cirque du Soleil start collaborating?

  • What is holding the boobs up? Good will?

  • Oh, Gaga ... now I get the connection! Lady G is on the design team! :)

  • Its the base layer for a ninja. Just add boots, sleeves and a hood.

  • Yup, it is a definite wedgie-nator! Camel toe city on this one, too. Oooooh I get it, instead of dropped crotch, they are doing dropped boobs!

  • We need to start a petition to SAVE THE LUON!!! Sign here_________________     

Info on Delayed Clam Digger Shipping

If you've ordered Clam Diggers from the website and that part of your order was withheld, you are probably going to receive this email:

Hi there,

Oops...Shucking cramp! We are experiencing a small delay on all orders for Clam Digger crops due to an irregularity in our packaging process. Some style colours carry a smell due to the packaging, but it's only temporary and the pants will be just how you want them when they arrive.

To make sure everything is okay, we have decided to delay shipping on those styles so we can ensure the product is ready to wear as soon as you get it.
(Thanks to Ms. J. for sharing her email)

It has been reported that some of the Clam Diggers people have tried on in the stores have a fishy odor. A comment on this blog told us A fishy smell in new clothes typically comes from a formaldehyde resin used to make clothes wrinkle-resistant (I never knew that).

Formaldehyde use in clothing is very common, according to my googling. The most usual side effect is skin irritation. Formaldehyde and other manufacturing chemcials are why we are supposed to launder new clothes before wearing (which I never do).