Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Photos of the Latest

The Lift and Separate bra have hit the stores. I need to try this on again. I have one but it's a bit too small and it bugs the back of my neck.

New Wunder Groove crops. Not sure of the color. I'd say fossil and something.

Om Pants. Shown with the Bruised Berry In Stride. 

Cute Ray Speed Shorts shown with a Bruised Berry LS Swiftly.

The new Fossil/Silver Hot But Not Tank.

Clam Digger crops. Rumor is these have been pulled from the website and people's orders have been cancelled. Not sure if they are in the stores still or not.

 A good photo of the Bruised Berry In Stride showing the faded dot pattern in the logo.

 Love this combo - Pop Orange Swiftly and White Wee Space Fast and Free Crop.

 The new Pow Pink Pack Your Practice Bag.

New Diversity Tank, WUs, and My Mantra Colors Coming

In Australia so not here yet - new Diversity Tank in the Mirage Print and new Diversity Wunder Unders in Pow Pink

Also, new Diversity Wunder Unders in the Mirage Print.

New My Mantra LS in Pow Pink.

Scoop Me Up Tank Photos

Shown with Fossil Gather and Crow Crops

 Pow Pink Scoop Me Up Tank

Shown with Bruised Berry Boogie Shorts

Show with Clam Digger Crops

Shown with Bruised Berry Gather and Crow Crops

Ray Scoop Me Up Tank

Shown with Clam Digger Crops

Deep Indigo Scoop Me Up tank.