Monday, June 25, 2012


No bruised berry Cool Racerback tonight but I ordered the Om pant. A pair of loose fitting pants made of swift appeals to me. I suspect they may be too long but it can't hurt to give them a try. What did you all order?

Pop Orange Hot or Not Tank, Gather and Crow Crops and More

Pop Orange Hot or Not Tank with Fossil Gather and Crow Crops
Mirage Print Hot or Not Tank with Power Purple Wunder Unders

Hot or Not Tank with Boogie Shorts

Pop Orange Hot Or Not Tank, White Mirage Hot Or Not Tank with Pow Wunder Unders
Photos of the new Hot or Not Tanks in Pop Orange and Mirage Print.

Gather and Crow Crop in Fossil

Run Fast and Free Crops in White Wee Are From Space Print. Shown with the Pop Orange Swiftly LS.

Will Crop with waist up and rolled down.

Heathered Deep Indigo Clam Diggers

Clam Diggers, Will Crops, and More

The new Clam Diggers are coming in five colors - Heathered Dark Coal, White, Black, Heathered Fossil, and Heathered Indigo.

New Boogie shorts in Faded Dot Embossed Bruised Berry. Shown with a Pop Orange Swiftly.

More photos of the new Will Crops (not Pants, my mistake). Bruised Berry Will Crops shown with the Pop Orange Swiftly and what looks like Heathered Dark Coal Will pants shown with a Ray Optimal Tank.

Hot But Not Tank in Mirage/White. Shown with the new Will Crop.

New Run: Fast and Free crops shown in what looks like a Fossil/White Wee Space print.

 Ray Optimal Tank and new Boogie shorts.

 Heathered Fossil Gather and Crow Crops.

 Swiftly tees in Pop Orange and Bruised Berry.

 Love the Ray Presta Shirket.

Another photo of the white Scoop Me Up Tank.

Will Pants and Clam Digger Crops Are Back

Will Pants are back. Shown with the White Scoop Me Up Tank.

I reported this earlier but now we're starting to see more photos of them - Astro crops are also back.

This isn't a current photo but Clam Digger crops are back in five colors. As soon as I find out more I will post.