Friday, June 22, 2012

Ray Scoop Me Up and More

Liking the Ray Scoop Me Up a lot. Shown with Pow Pink Wunder Unders. There is also a Bruised Berry Scoop Me Up but I haven't come across a photo of it yet.

Hot But Not tank in White/Mirage print - pretty!

Pop Orange LS Swiftly. There is also a short sleeve and the tank in this color.

 Example of the Run: For Your Money tank getting gathering at hips and making the tank lie wrong.

Another White/Silver Scoop Me Up photo.

Pow Pink vs. Paris Pink

Photo comparing Pow Pink (the new Pow) - shown as the Wunder Unders (lighter) - vs. Paris Pink, the tank in the photo. Pow is lighter than Paris. (Thanks to Hilary for the photo.)

Today's Shopping Trip

I went to exchange my Pow Pink Racing CRB for the Pop Orange Swiftly SL tank and got to try on some of the latest things. This is the Mirage print Daily Tank, made of Vitasea. The  material in the Vitasea Daily tanks is really thin and I don't care for the long straps so this stayed at the store. I'm not sure whether I like this print or not.  The colors in the print are Deep Indigo, Pow, and Pop Orange. If I get a Mirage Print tank it will be in luon or another technical fabric.

On the other hand, I did like the Heathered Deep Indigo Daily Tank a lot. This one is also made of Vitasea (also thin but since it's dark not as see through as the white-based Mirage tank). For some reason the straps on this were shorter/tank ran smaller than the Mirage version. The color is pretty in real life. It looked very similar to my Heathered Deep Navy Flashback Pullover.  If there is an Every Yogi tee in this color I think I will get it.

This is a comparison photo of Pop Orange to Dazzling with a Flash Swiftly headband laid on top.

I also tried on the new Scoop Me Up Tank. I think it shows a little bit more cleavage than the Scoop Neck but not much. The back is very comfortable and pretty. It's fairly high cut in the armpit area, I think a bit higher than the Scoop Neck. I don't really care for the gathers at the bust, especially since I am large-busted. I tried on the white and silver. I think the support is definitely less than the Scoop Neck, probably more like a Power Y. I could wear this for a low impact workout like weight lifting, bar class, or yoga. It's a cute tank and if it comes in a good color combination I might be tempted to get it.

I also got to try on the Run: For Your Money tank. The bra is very snug but the straps are stretchy so when I hopped up and down so did my boobs. I really like my girls locked down when I run. As many people have noted, the bottom is a big snug at the hips if you are on the curvy side. I also hate the look of the pocket in the front.I think that ruins the whole tank. For some reason it is cone-shaped at the bottom. I like that it's different looking and super lightweight but since I need more support for running I won't be getting this tank.

I also got to try on the Presta Shirket which fit a roomy TTS and wasn't tight in the arms, for a change. Since I don't bike I don't need this jacket but I liked it.

FYI, if you live in Orange County, the Fashion Island store got in the Pow Pink Wunder Unders today.

Photo - Scoop Me Up Tank & Silver Speed Shorts

A few more photos of the new Silver Speed Shorts and the White/Silver Scoop Me Up tank.

NEW! Print - Mirage & Pow Pink Wunder Unders Are in the Stores

New print called Mirage in the Daily tank, made of Vitasea. I kind of like it from the photo but I'll have to see it in photos first. For some reason I always tend to get rid of my white-based print tanks. Also, Pow Pink Wunder Unders have hit the stores. (Thanks to Laine for the top photo.)

Comparison of Pop Orange to Dazzling

A good photo showing how Pop Orange compares to Dazzling. From left to right: Flash, Pop Orange, Dazzling. Thanks to Tiffany for the photo.