Tuesday, June 12, 2012

May Wee Are From Space Cool Racerback?

A reader pointed out this photo on the Australian homepage. What do you think, is it a May Wee Are From Space Cool Racerback or just a sweaty Fossil WAFS CRB? I swear I see blue in the pattern.

Transition Jacket, Optimal Tank, Good Fortune Bag and More

Shown with the new Silver Daily Gym Bag.

Shown with matching Inspire crops.

We're starting to get some photos of the new Transition Jacket, only in Bruised Berry, though.

Shown with the Nothing to Hide Mini.

Some Optimal Tank photos. Can't say I like the back - the star shape reminds me of my cooktop burners (inspired by...Thermador?). It's not elegant or pretty at all. I'd much prefer a lattice of straps like in the Energy or Free to Be bras.

Wandering Yogi crop, shown with the Open Mind bra. The crops look comfy.

Shown with the Nothing to Hide Mini (but why is she wearing it indoors?)

Sun Runner LS photos. Such a pretty top. Love the Lilac one.

Run Nothing to Hide Mini Skirt

Bruised Berry and Embossed Dot Inspire Crops

 New print block showing on the Fall 12 Quilt Boogie Shorts.

White Denim Boogie Shorts

Good Fortune Bag Photos.

Sun Runner Short Sleeve Top - First Wearing Review

Last week I bought the white Sun Runner Short Sleeve top in white. I wore it this Sunday for a seven mile run (I am continuing to plug away at training for the Sea Wheeze). The weather was sunny and in the low 70s. I liked this top a lot. When it's warm out I prefer a tank with an open back for max cooling but I hate having to wear sunscreen.  Even with sunscreen I am getting burned a lot. I found the Sun Runner very cool for a shirt that covered my back. I like the open bottom and armpits. The material is buttery soft and feels great against your skin. I really appreciated the venting when a breeze kicked up.  This top has gone to the top of my list for my race outfit on Sea Wheeze day. I know it's kind of weird to have the side of your bra showing out your armpit but it's not much different from wearing a No Limit Tank. I wish it came in lilac but I think I might go back get the Flash Light one. It's different looking but it's a great top functionally for running. I could have sized down in this but I bought my normal tank size so that it wouldn't be too clingy.  

Sea Wheeze Race Gear Revealed

Some of the Sea Wheeze race gear was revealed on the home page. The tank almost looks like is a Run: For Your Life and the plaid looks similar to that on the men's Sea Wheeze Shorts.

I hope lulu figures out a way to limit purchases on the Sea Wheeze gear. I can see non-race people loading up on it just to resell on eBay.

Rocksteady Run For Your Life