Friday, June 8, 2012

Outfit Ideas

 Cute new Lilac Pace Setter Skirt. Shown with a white denim Define and the new visor. Shown with the Seaside Dot Deep Breath tank in the bottom photo.

Seaside Dot Speed Shorts are in the stores. Shown with the Bound Bra in the middle photo and the Fly and Tie Tank in the bottom.

 Lilac High Noon Dot Cool Racerback and Bruised Berry Polocrosse crops.

Lilac Fly and Tie tank with Bruise Berry Run Fast and Free Crops.

Run: Nothing to Hide and Other Photos

I was hoping to see the new Run Nothin' to Hide jacket at my store yesterday but it wasn't there yet. I am trying to think of under what circumstances I would ever use a jacket like this. If I was putting on a jacket it would be because I was chilled but the large mesh panels in this jacket negate that. It only has a couple of side pocket and no ipod cord tunnel that I can see so I wouldn't wear it for the storage capability. If I am paying $118 for a run jacket I want an ipod cord tunnel and a back zipper pocket, too. I have a lightweight windbreaker called the Stow N Go I go years ago for $29 and I don't see any reason to upgrade it with this new jacket. It is very cute, though.

I forgot to write that I saw the new visor at the store yesterday but only the white one. It's very nice but I think I would get the black.

Sun Runner SS in action. Based on the fit of the sleeves/bust, I'd guess she sized down.

Diversity Wunder  Unders in the Blush Quartz High Noon Dot print

Deep Indigo Wunder Unders. This photo showed up in one of my product notices. They weren't at my store yesterday. I really like them but not sure if every store will be getting them. They seem to be spotted in random places.