Monday, June 4, 2012

Website Hint - New Tank/Bra Style Coming

It looks like a new tank or bra style is coming. The back reminds me of the Power Technique tank a little. So far, I like what I see.


All right! I ordered two pairs of the black Dart and Dash shorts. I was contemplating the Flash ones but I suspect they will bleed so decided to stick with tried and true black. Some interesting things were uploaded tonight.

The Made in the Shade visor is really cute. If it came in black or a non-white color I would have bought one. I really like my black lulu visor but I know I will destroy a white one.

The Run For the Money tank is different. I need a full support bra so this won't work for. I also don't like that much skin showing.

The Sun Runner LS is very tempting. I've been getting burned the last few times I've gone out to run so an SPF shirt would be nice. I like the lack of ruffles on this top. I'm not a big fan of white so I hope it comes in another color. Also, the previous sun shirts ran large so this would require a try on.

I'm not a fan of the short and boxy Sun Runner short sleeve. Also, why does lulu make black SPF shirts? The shape reminds me of a lacrosse jersey.

What did you get tonight?

Ray Swiftly, Rehearsal LS, Sun Sprinter Crop/Tee, and More

The Ray Swiftly looks so see-through here

Ray Swiftly and Seaside Dot Speeds

Ray Swiftly and Polocrosse Crops.

Rehearsal Long Sleeve

Sun Sprinter Crop

Some Like It Hot Crop. The luxtreme crops have me intrigued. 

Sun Sprinter SS Tee.

More of the Latest

This girl is the cutest model. She is wearing the Blush Quartz/High Noon Dot Define Jacket.

Fossil Diversity Tank with the Seaside Dot Pace Setter Skirt. I like this skirt with a gray top a lot more than black:

Black CRB with the SeaSide Dot Pace Setter

Dart and Dash short in the Seaside Dot print. All I can think of is a Dalmation. 

I like the Tie and Fly tank so much better when it's cinched up but I still don't love it. I definitely need a try on.

The Latest

New Bruised Berry Define. This one is very tempting.

Run For Your Money Jumper with built in shorts. I like the lilac one.

We finally have a name - the Sun Sprinter SS tee. It's made of SPF material. Interesing.

Rehearsal LS Tee and Libery Tee

 Ray Swiftly Tank

 Tie and Fly Tank and Some Like It Hot Crop

Sun Sprinte Crop