Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Photos of the Latest

Run: Fast and Free Crop photos.

Lilac High Noon Dot Power Y and Cool Racerback with matching Inspire Crops.

White Denim Define show with the Bruised Berry Run Fast and Free Crop and lilac High Noon Dot tank with matching headband. I gotta be honest, I'm not loving the small dot print tank on this woman. It looks too retro or something. And, because she's blonde I get a whole Doris Day vibe. I think the matching dot headband is what is killing it for me. Perhaps the outfit would look acceptable without that.

I think the matching headand looks ok here but this woman is young. The print also makes her look even younger. This small dot print is tricky. If you are young, it makes you look childish and if you are older, it makes you look like you're into some sort of retro Rockabilly look. Blech.

 I keep wanting to call this the Hot or Not Tank.

 Good photos of the Presence Pant.

 Flash Light Boogie Shorts.

The Heathered Coal X-Long Cool Racerback. I'm reading fit reviews that this CRB is very soft.

Seaside Dot - Pace Setter, Speed Shorts, Turbos, Deep Breath, and More

New Speed Shorts in Black Seaside Dot print. Top photos shown with the Flash Light Deep Breath Tank. From these two examples it looks like the pattern varies quite a bit.

Black/Seaside Dot Turbo Shorts

I'm surprised how much of the undershorts show when you run.

 More Seaside Dot Pace Setter Skirt Photos.

Seaside Dot Deep Breath Tank - my favorite of the Seaside Dot offerings.

Fossil Seaside Dot Flow Y

Seaside Dot Bangbuster headband. Mine should arrive tomorrow.

Ray Swiftly Headband, Flash Light Define and CRB, and More

New Swiftly headband in Ray. This means there will be Swiftly tees and / or a tank in this color, too. I definitely want the headband and maybe a tank. It's a great high-visibiliy color for running.

New Define in Flash Light, I believe. The text called this Flash but the Flash Define was heathered and this isn't.

New Cool Racerback in Flash Light and matching Inspire crops.

The Specialized- Lululeam cycling "kit."

My Mantra LS Now $68 & New Blue Boogie Shorts Added to the Website

The My Manta LS has been repriced on the website to $68 (was $88). Glad lulu came to their senses on this though $68 is still high for a cotton top.

Also, New Blue Boogie shorts have been added to the website.

(Thanks to Ms. Z for alerting me to these changes.)