Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pack Your Practice Bag, Prescence Pant and More

Pack Your Practice Bag Photos.

 Presence Pant photos. Shown with the My Mantra short sleeve and Daily Tank.

Seaside Dot Deep Breath tank. I like this one.

Heathered Fossil Daily Tank and Bruised Berry Polocrosse Crops

High Noon Dot Cool Racerback and Cruiser Short

Sleeve detail on the My Mantra Top

Diversity Tank Photos

The Diversity Tank seems to look good in all the photos I've seen of it. The material is awfully thin and the tank is just not supportive enough for me. I think it would make a great lounge/jammy tank so I'll keep an eye out for it to hit markdown.

Bound Bra, Enlightenment Pullover, and Turban Photos

High Noon Dot Bound Bra underneath the SE Zipper Cool Racerback. I like the peep of dots under the tank. I wish I had a better photo of this.

 Run: Bound Bra in Lilac High Noon Dot print.

Enlightenment Pullover knotted in back

Probably the best model of the Enlightenment Pullover I've seen.

More Enlightenment Pullover photos. Ugh.

Deep Thoughts Turban photos. I have a major headband addiction (currently at 69) but I'm not liking the Turban at all.

Hot But Not Tank Photos

Probably the best photo I've seen yet of the Hot But Not Tank. I think the tank looks best blooused up a bit. The photos below show it pulled down too much. Shown with Polocrosse crops.

New X-Long Cool Racerback (Updated)

So, I'm going through the near-total suckage that are photos of latest arrivals and this cute new (?) extra long Cool Racerback popped up. At least I think it's new since it has Ray accent stitching and the stitching looks more substantial than merely turning the tank inside out. This is from the Santa Monica store, the SoCal flagship, so it could be an item that only a few stores got but I haven't noticed it in the photos before. Anyway, if this isn't a new x-long CRB let me know but the text that goes with the photo said it's new. (Shown with the Bruised Berry Polocrosse crops.)

Found a confirmation photo - there is a new X-long Cool Racerback with Ray contrast stitching. Yay! I really like the pop of Ray against the gray.

NEW! Seaside Dot Pace Setter Skirt

I think the dot prints are most effective in the smaller pieces, such as the skirts, shorts, or headbands. Love the Seaside dot print in the Pace Setter! Shown with the Chaturanga tank.