Monday, May 28, 2012


The best thing about this upload was that the Specialized Lululemon cycling kits are now available. I know many people have been waiting for these.

I ordered the Seaside Dot Bangbuster headband but that is it. Everything else was a bit odd. Lots of cotton and vitasea items. I can't sweat in them so the designs/prints/colors have to be especially compelling for me to get them.

New cotton/lycra "Diversity" Wunder Unders. You cut your own hem. Cotton WUs sound cool for summer but I like having the option of using my luon WUs for both technical and casual wear.

 Why do I want a $26 turban? When I hear turban I think fortune teller.

The Hot But Not tank is interesting. I'm sure it will look good on some people but it's no Namaste tank. As the weather has been heating up, I am loving my Namaste tank. I hope it's coming in more colors.

What did you all order?

NEW! Run: Fast and Free Crop, Enlightenment Pullover, Diversity Tank, and More

New Run: Fast and Free crop in the new Bruised Berry color we heard about.

New Enlightenment Pullover made of the bamboo/cashmere blend. In Blush Quartz and Black.

New Inspire Crops in the Lilac High Noon Dot print.

New Diversity Tank made of Vitasea. It has a built in bra. Interesting but not for me. Looks extremely low on support and Vitasea isn't made for sweating. The description says it has bar tacks in several places so you can choose your length. Heathered Blush Quartz, Heathered Charcoal, and Seaside Dot White Fossil.

 Cool Racerback in Blush Quartz High Noon Dot.

New Free to Be in Lilac high noon dot print. It's also coming in Flash Light and Black.

New Flow Y in Seaside White Dot Fossil.

New headbands - Skinny Satin Pirouette in Ray and Lucky Luon in white fossil seaside dot.

Presence Pant Photos and More

Photos of the new Presence Pant.

More photos of the High Noon Dot Daily Tank.

Rumor - Red Coming in August

Poppy Red Heburn Pants from the Lab
Just read on one of the boards that a red is supposed to be coming out in August.

New Bang Buster Colors/Prints

 New Lilac Bang Buster. Not sure if I'll get this one but I do like the Bang Buster headbands a lot.

New White/Fossil Sea Side Dot Bang Buster. I think I'll get this one if it's uploaded. (Thanks to Kate for the photos.)

New Tee Shirt Style(s) Coming

It looks like there is a new tee shirt style coming with a pocket on the chest. I really like the Every Yogi tee so I hope this isn't replacing that. The Sea Side dot print in the shirt is fug. The black shirt also looks new. Look how tight the sleeves are yet the body is super boxy. What a great look.

Spotted in Stores - High Noon Dot Cool Racerback

Better lighted photo of the lilac High Noon Dot Cool Racerback.

Better photo of the Sea Side Dot Turbo Shorts. (Thanks to Kate for these photos.)
Spotted in stores - Lilac High Not Dot Cool Racerback. (Thanks to Donna for the photos.)

 Lilac High Noon Dot Power Y

Rose Quartz High Noon Dot Daily Tank

NEW! Sea Side Dot Print, Run: Bound Bra, Presence Pant, and More

New Deep Breath Tanks in White/Fossil Sea Side Dot print, Blush Quartz/High Noon Dot, Black and Flash Light. I like the dot accent on the Blush Quartz Tank.

 New Run: Bound Bra in High Noon Dot Lilac/Black. I like this bra a lot. It looks very similar to the Energy bra but with a v-neck. I hope it goes up to a 12.

New Daily Tanks in Heathered Fossil and High Noon Dot Blush Quartz/Black.

New Presence Pant and Flash Light Deep Breath Tank

This is the photo from earlier - it's High Noon Dot Lilac/Black and the new Pack Your Practice Bag.

More photos of the new Pack Your Practice Bag. It comes in Faded Dot Embosed Black and Flash Light. Price is $58.

Sackasana bag in the Sea Side Dot White/Fossil print, shown with the Flash Light Deep Breath tank.

New Turbo shorts in the Sea Side Dot print. (Thanks to Laura for the photo.)

The Run: Bound Bra underneath a Flash Light Power Y.

NEW! Dot Print Tank

New dot print tank - a Power Y is revealed. Also, it looks like there is a new Flash or Flash Light bag.