Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flash vs. Flash Light

Comparison photo of Heathered Flash Cool Racerback to the new Flash Light Power Y. (Thanks to Ms. S for the photo.)

Hints From Lulu (Updated)

Released on Instagram today - some hints for the summer. The shorts look like Clam Diggers and almost look purple to me. Also shown is a neon yellow colored headband. We already knew about this color. (I'm forgetting the name of this color. It's called Ray) The tank might be a Power Y or something else, hard to tell. (Thanks to Cathy for the photo.)

Also, this tease was released. It shows a new pattern - the dots - and a new orange color. It certainly looks like it matches the photo I found of the men's Tequila shorts. I also read people have heard we will see more neon. Not sure if that means something more besides the neon yellow.

Update - Reading that the dots pattern is a pink with purple dots. Hmmm.

Update #2 - A reader writes the pink/purple dots is coming out in Wunder Unders. I also read there will be a few new dot/color combos coming.

Tequila Men's Response Shorts