Monday, May 21, 2012


Hmm, very small upload tonight. I wonder if that means all the new June stuff will come out next week since the new month starts then. I didn't order anything since I already bought the fossil Beachy Floral CRB at the store the other week. I really like it.

Did you get anything tonight?

A Few Photos of the Latest

It's some sort of a holiday in Canada (Victoria Day - Victoria Day (in French: FĂȘte de la Reine) is a federal Canadian public holiday celebrated on the last Monday before May 25, in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday. The date is also, simultaneously, that on which the current reigning Canadian sovereign's official birthday is recognized. It is sometimes informally considered as marking the beginning of the summer season in Canada.) so there aren't many photos of new products. These photos all came from US stores. I'm not even sure there will be an upload tonight but I'll post if there is one.

Photos of the new Inner Heart bra.

 Fossil/Blush Quartz Reverse Groove Shorts.

White/Fossil Wee Stripe with Beachy Floral Accent Power Y. I like the use of a print trim. I wish lulu did it more often.

More Zippy Run tank photos.

Sea Wheeze Speed Shorts

These are the Speed Shorts you get with your Sea Wheeze race registration. What do you guys think? I don't particularly love them.

Photos - Zippy Run Tank

The side-boob showcase that is the Zippy Run tank has shown up in stores in Australia. I'm not sure if it will be coming to our stores, too. I could tell from looking at the web model photos that this tank had major issues and the poor reviews on the website confirm this.

PS - Rumors are that June colors and prints are going to be really good.