Friday, May 18, 2012

Live in Australia and Can't See the US Website Now? Here's Help

The Australian/New Zealand version of the lululemon website went live yesterday but I am reading that the US/International version of the website has become impossible to access. I.e., Aussie/New Zealanders are blocked by IP from seeing the US website. Since the Australian version has a limited selection compared to the US/International version people are frustrated (not to mention pissed off by the insanely high Australian prices). Here is a way to view the US/International side of the website: Use a site like HotSpot Shield and choose a US server. It hides your location and uses an IP from another country to surf. (Thanks to Ms. LB for this tip.) To buy stuff at the lower Canadian prices, I direct you to the Angels listed on the right sidebar of this page (under More Lulu Resources - Your Personal Lulu Shopper Facebook page or email Nancy/Cheryl/Lily at who can buy your items in Canada and ship them to you in Australia. I don't get any sort of kickback from these ladies but know they have made many, many people happy in finding their hard to find lulu for them. I've also had dinner with Lily when she was visiting Southern California and she is a super sweet lady. (Hint, when I've used Angel services I always tip them a little for their time and gas.) Anyway, I hope this helps.

PS - Just heard from an Australian lulu fan that she like for mail forwarding. (Thanks to Ms. MF for this tip.)