Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today's Shopping Trip

I went to the store today to try on the Namaste Tank and the Flash/Dune Define jacket. My store didn't have the Define but I ended up going home with the Namaste in the Porcelaine. I think this tank fits roomy true to size. The bust portion does reveal a bit of cleavage on me (36DD) but I think I can play with the straps to help that a little. I'm going to be using it more for casual wear and low impact workouts like weight lifting. I didn't expect to come home with this but it's such a flattering design that I couldn't resist.

I also got my Wee Stripe Flash Dune Cool Racerback tank in the mail tonight. I love the color. Re: bleeding - I wore it to Disneyland this afternoon and evening. It was hot today so the armpits got a bit of a watercolor-looking ring underneath but I put it in the wash and it's gone now. I wore a black bra and black jacket in case the color ran. I think this tank will be ok now that it's been washed. I tried rubbing the wet CRB on a white towel to see if any color came off and it didn't (unlike my wet flash Swiftly headband). I'll definitely update you if I have any more problems with this color. I would recommend people wash before wearing and assume it will bleed on light colors when wet.

The Latest

The White Denim Reverse Groove Crop.

 Heathered Fossil Chaturanga tank with Blush Quartz Speed Shorts.

Heathered Fossil Groove pants with Blush Quartz Namaste Tank.

Lift and Separate Bra is Back!!!

I know many long time lulu fans will be glad to know the Lift and Separate Bra is back. It does really lift your boobs up and gives you super sexy cleavage. The only problem I have with mine is that it pulls on the back of my neck a lot. I think the back is a bit too high but maybe they fixed that in the new design.

  • no Uni Boob! Medium support bra for the B-D keeps the girls up up and away!
  • 4-way stretch Power Luxtreme™ fabric for no-bounce support & quick drying, wicking capabilities
  • mesh back panel provides ventilation
  • minimal coverage so it will stay low profile under any neckline
  • front clasp lets you take it on and off with ease
  • built-in pockets for removable cups
  • chafe-resistant flat seams
Photo of the older Lift and Separate