Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Photos of the Latest

A photo of the mythical Dune In Stride Jacket. I had heard there was one spotted in stores but found a photo of an actual jacket. Not the most exciting jacket but a good neutral, I suppose.

Indulge your inner Smurf with the Porcelaine Wunder Unders and matching Inner Stride Jacket. I was surprised to see the WUs went up to a 12. I like non-black WUs but these are too colorful for me.

Shown with Blurred Blossom Turbo shorts
Shown with Strength and Tone shorts and Bliss bag

Shown with the SE Zipper Wunder Unders

Shown with Blush Quartz Speed Shorts

Photos of the Wee Stripe Flash Dune Define, Scoop Neck and Cool Racerback tanks. I think the outdoor shots show the color best.

Photos of the new Iconic Wrap. Can't say I like it that the material has been changed to the Tencil Silk jersey stuff. It looks so thin and cheap for the price.

Photos of the SE Zipper Wunder Unders.

Photos of the Fossil/Blush Quartz and Porcelaine Reverse Groove shorts in both the regular and tall lengths.

New waistband in the Boogie (I think, it could be Reverse Groove) shorts.

 The Namaste Tank looks very flattering in every photo I've seen. I need to try it on.

 A couple of Meditate Pullover ideas. The top photo is with white Studio Pants and the bottom is with Porcelaine Strength and Tone shorts.

 I've seen lots of photos pairing the Wee Stripe Dune Flash CRB with Blush Quartz bottoms. This is the Pace Setter skirt.

 Fossil/White Find Bliss tank with matching Wunder Unders.

The Blush Quartz Pace Setter skirt. We saw this a few weeks ago but it's finally hitting all stores.