Friday, May 11, 2012

Store Trip Report

Run In the Sun Pullover

I went to the store today to check out the Flash/Dune Wee Stripe Daily tank and to check out the Beachy Floral Cool Racebacks. While I was there I tried on the Run: In the Sun LS and pullover in Blush Quartz. I really liked the feel of the material - it felt a lot like super lightweight luxtreme. It was very silky feeling. I liked the LS better than the pullover. The LS only has the ruffle in the back which is kind of cute but the PO had it in the front and it made the blush one look like a nightie. Both tops are very roomy and long. They hit me below my crotch (I'm 5'5"). I tried the next size down but the Blush version is very see-through and it revealed all my flaws. I guess you could layer under it but that would defeat the purpose of wearing such a lightweight top. If I had a money tree in the backyard I'd buy the Blush or Porcelaine LS version and then figure out what to wear it for (I know right now I wouldn't run in it since it's too hot) but since I don't I'll live without it.

I tried on the Flash/Dune wee stripe Daily tank while I was there to see if I liked the color. Flash and Heathered Flash are just way too bright for me but the Dune wee stripe really tones it down. I definitely want to get a CRB in this color. I'm not sure if I need the Define since I have a similar color one in Passion but I want to try it on.

I ended up getting the Fossil Beachy Floral Cool Racerback. I've been wearing CRBs for running so now trying to build my collection back up in them.

Meditate Pullover Photos and More

Photos of the new Dune Meditate Pullover. Is it weird that I am bugged by the metal lulu tag on the back? I really prefer an embroidered logo on the french terry stuff.

The Flash/Dune Wee Stripe Daily tank and a close up of the pattern that makes up the color.

The Porcelaine Chaturanga tank. Haven't seen too many photos of this pop up.

This fluorescent yellow is called Lime Light on the mens side. It certainly looks the same as the color used in the yet-to-be-released run tank on the website.

I love when lulu stores bring out the educator's moms for Mother's Day. I like to see women of a "certain age" rocking lulu. You're all looking awesome - way to represent!

Spotted In Stores - Dune and Fossil Meditate Pullover, Plus Repricing News

Spotted in stores - new Meditate pullover colors in Dune and Fossil. If a Porcelaine vesion shows up I'm in trouble. The material on this pullover is so comfy. (Thanks to Donna for the photo/heads up.)

Also, the Surf and Turf Tote has been repriced to $78 and the Cruiser shorts to $48. You can get a refund if you've paid the higher price.