Monday, May 7, 2012


I haven't ordered anything yet tonight but am thinking about the Menthol Tame Me tank. What did you all get?

Run: In the Sun Skirt Photos

Lots more photos of the Run: In the Sun skirt.

Spotted in Stores - Run In The Sun Pullover and New Chaturanga Tank Color

New Run in the Sun SPF pullover in Blush Quartz and Porcelaine Chaturanga tank. (Thanks to Anna for the photo.)

Beachy Floral Cool Racerback and More

Fossil Beachy Floral Cool Racerback.

The Polocrosse Crop is back.

Photos of the Porcelaine and Menthol Tame Me tanks.

Photos of the Flash Run: In the Sun Dress

She's wearing Run: Shorty Shorts underneath this dress

Run in the Sun dress with Run: Shorty Shorts underneath

Lots More Run: In the Sun Shorts Photos

Shown with Blush Quartz Swiftly tank and headband + Run Back to Work Backpack

Shown with the Silver Bullet SL Tank (I think, though the caption reads Run In the Sun Tank. They look the same to me.)

Shown with the Run in the Sun Skirt in Blush Quartz, Silver Bullet Tank in Blush Quartz
Tons more photos of the new Run: In the Sun shorts. I kind of like them except for the pleats in the front.

NEW! Run In the Sun Shorts and More of the Latest

New Run in the Sun Shorts, shown with the Tame Me Tank.

Details on the new Run: In the Sun Dress. Not sure what color the middle photos is. the color looks off so it could be Porcelaine Blue.

More Run in the Sun Dress Photos.

 More photos of the Run In The Sun skirt. Shown with the Silver Bullet SL tech and new Blush Quartz Swiftly racerback.

 Porcelaine Wunder Unders (I think) and Blush Quartz Swiftly Racerback.

Run Wild SS Tech in Porcelaine.