Monday, April 30, 2012

Tonight's Upload (& Why the EFF Are Bikini TOPS Final Sale?)

I was going to order a few things tonight but then I saw that the bikini TOPS are final sale. I decided to get just the beachy floral bangbuster headband because I was so annoyed. I'll make the call on the Porcelaine Wee Stripe Every Yogi Tank/Tee when I see it in the store. I was tempted to order the Flash Race Tech top but after a woman sent me photos of her Tame Me Tank melting all over her (shorts, sneakers, Nathan belt, sneakers) when she ran the Boston Marathon (that post is in the works) I am boycotting all Flash.

What did you all order tonight?

Some new banners were uploaded that give hints of things to come:
Mystery zipper tank. Looks like the old Zip UR Whisper in front and Cool Racerback in back.

Mystery Halter shown with Porcelaine Wunder Unders.

Bright florescent yellow tank.

New Run Dress

New Mesh Run Jacket

It looks like the Sun Blocker tops are coming back this summer.

More Swim Line Photos

Today's Shopping Trip

There weren't too many new things at the store today for me to check out - I was there before all the swimwear arrived. I tried on the Heathered Menthol Cool Racerback which was tempting. It was super soft but every top I buy in this shade green I end up selling. I just never reach for greens. I also tried on the Heathered Deep Navy Flashback Pullover since it had been a couple of years since I last tried it on. I really liked it this time around and ended up buying it. I seem to remember previous versions feeling much more stiff and bulky but the Deep Navy one is made of the same soft, thin material as the Meditate Pullover. It's very roomy and cozy and perfect for Southern California. I must have been in the mood for comfort clothes today - it was kind of a dreary overcast day. I put it on as soon as I got home and haven't taken it off since. Can anyone comment who owns an older Flashback? Are the newer ones thinner and softer? Or maybe just the new Deep Navy one is. I've heard from a couple of people that that's the one they bought because it's so soft.

Beachy Floral Boogie Shorts and More

New Boogie shorts in the Porcelaine Beachy Floral / Wee Stripe Pattern. These are fun.

New Turbo shorts in the White/Menthol color pattern. I know some people were hoping for these to come out.

New Fossil Beachy Floral Print Pace Setter skirt.

More maxi dress photos. It's $98. I truly think it's designed to be a beach coverup.

Some more photos of the Surf N Turf tote. It's $108. 

Info on the One Love Rashguard. It's $68.

Real Life Swim Line Photos

Ms. KD was kind enough let her photo be used for the blog as an illustration of how much/little the new swim suits covers. She is a size 6 in lulu (sometimes a 4 in tops), an A/B cup. Both the top and bottom are size 6.

Some curvier ladies in the new swimwear.