Thursday, April 26, 2012

Electric Orange Boogie Short Photo

The new Electric Orange and Porcelaine New Blue Boogie Shorts (thanks to Cathy for the photo.)

NEW! Porcelaine Define and More

New Heathered Porcelaine Define with Beachy Floral inset. At least I think this is heathered porcelaine. It could be wee stripe.

 New Beachy Floral Travel to Track Jacket

(Heathered?) Menthol Power Y

NEW! Boogie Shorts Colors

Boogies shorts in Electric Orange, New Stripe?, and Porcelaine New Blue
Some new colors in the Boogie shorts. The color on the left is supposed to be Electric Orange (at least it was called that in a product email which are often wrong), which looks like this:

Older photo of an Electric Orange CRB

The middle set of Boogie shorts looks a lot like the older Wish Blue/Multi Poncho Pattern, of which I bought three tanks. Not sure if it's the same but if it's not, I think I'll need some of this new pattern.
Wish/MUPS (multi poncho stripe) pattern Power Y

NEW! Porcelaine No Limit Tank and Beachy Floral Speed Shorts

Ok, the Porcelaine No Limit Tank is seriously cute. I love the shorts, too!