Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photos of the Latest

The new Porcelaine/Deep Coal Run A Marathon Crops.

Menthol/Black Run A Marathon Crops.

Porcelaine New Blue Boogie shorts shown with the Heathered Fossil Daily tank. I love this outfit.

 New Clarity Crops. Eh.

New Porcelaine X-long CRB with Cruiser Shorts

 Photos of the new Heathered Menthol and Porcelaine Cool Racerbacks. The Menthol is very tempting but I've ended up selling all the items I've ever bought in this green tone. I think I would like it for one or two wears and never wear it again.

 Photo of the April Wee Space Scoop Neck. The neckline color is Dune.

 Porcelaine Studio Jacket.

Dune Shimmer Pace Setter Skirt

Close up of the "shimmer" fabric in the new Dune Shimmer Pace Setter Skirt.

Sneak Peeks of Lulu's Swimwear Line

Hat tip to Becky for spotting this on the Glamour website. According to the site the swimwear is coming out next week. Interesting...

Porcelaine Studio Jacket and More

Photo of the new Porcelaine Dance Studio Jacket. Shown with Hold Me Close Crops and a flash tank. The other woman is wearing a Flashback Pullover and white denim Wunder Unders. I think I would like a Define in Porcelaine.

I really hope this print comes in a Cool Racerback or Every Yogi Tee. Fossil Beachy Floral Tank shown with Heathered Fossil Cruiser Shorts.