Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flash No Limit in the US, Store Trip Report, Zobha Items

The Flash No Limit is in the US. This photo is from an Arizona showroom. I would think your local stores will be getting it in the next day or two. I hope this means the new Tame Me Tank colors will be here soon, too.

I got my April Wee Are From Space CRB today and am finally going to keep a Cool Racerback. It's a fun pink color. Oddly enough my local store (Fashion Island) did not have the CRB in this pattern but they had the Scoop Neck. I tried on the Daily Tank in Fossil Wee Space but the straps were much too long and the top of my Ta Ta Tamer showed. They didn't have the new Every Yogi colors (Porcelaine and Fossil Wee Stripe). Oh yeah, they have two nice racks of sale stuff so make sure to check them out.

Zohba 360 Short
My Zobha 360 Shorts came today and they are very similar to lululemon Biker Groove shorts or Tall Reverse Grooves that are out now. The material is probably slightly rougher/thicker than luon. They are not compressive at all. I much prefer the compression shorts I bought from Moving Comfort for $24 than these. I swear they are longer than my Biker Grooves, ending at the middle of my knee, rather than just above. I will post pics and detailed comparisons tomorrow. Since I was looking for something shorter and more compressive and can buy Tall Reverse Grooves for $20 less (though I did find a Zobha coupon code and paid $59), get them repaired for free, and resell them on eBay for a lot more than I'd get for Zobha I will stick with lululemon. Next on my list to try - CW-X.