Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photos of the Latest

Photos of the new April Wee Are From Space Power Dance tank and Heathered Fossil Wunder Under crops. I need to check those WUs out, they look like they might be the soft kind.

April Wee Space In Stride with the Flash SE Swiftly underneath

With a Flash Daily tank underneath
Shown with Concord Power Vinyasa crops
 Some photos of the new April Wee Space print In Stride Jacket.

Fossil Wee Space Daily tank with a matching Arise bra underneath. Shown with white Power Pose crops.

Fossil Wee Space Daily Tank with Concord Power Vinyasa crops.

 April Wee Space Flow Y with Flash Hot N Sweaty Shorts.

 White Run Essential Jacket II with Fossil Wee Space Inspire Crops - such a crisp-looking outfit.

 Flash Daily tank and coordinating Wunder Unders.

April Wee Space Scoop Neck tank

New Every Yogi Colors and More

New Every Yogi Tee and Tank in Fossil Wee Stripe and Porcelaine Wee Stripe. I like both of the new colors. I love my Every Yogi tees and Tank. I think I need the blue one.

I would have thought the April Wee Are From Space Flow Y would look a lot brighter against the heathered Rose Quartz CRB. They do look nice together.

New Daily Tanks in Flash.

Spotted in Oxygen - A New Tank?

Spotted in the May 2012 Oxygen magazine. It looks like a new tank in Menthol. Actually, it looks like an older tank - the Sequence tank - in a new color. Although I sometimes get fooled by Oxygen using older lulu pieces I don't recall the Sequence coming in that color when it was out several years ago. It came in Teal/Black, Black/white, Black/Pow, and solid Black. If I'm wrong let me know. The Sequence had a luon bra portion and circle mesh body. It's super cool for hot days but really risque for busty women. (Thanks to Terri for the scan.)
Sequence Tank in Teal

Photo - April Wee Are From Space Stride Jacket

Photos of the April Wee Are From Space In Stride jacket. I think the color is a bit saturated in this photo. I've seen pieces of the April WAFS print on waistbands and it doens't look this dark in real life.