Monday, April 9, 2012


I ordered the Fossil Power Class tee. I went one size down since people said it runs kind of big. We'll see how I like it and how I think I can use it. I was also tempted by the Concord jacquard mesh It's a Cinch Dress but I'm not a huge fan of the jacquard mesh. I also might have tried the Meditate Pullover if it came in a fun color.

What did you order tonight?

More of the Latest

New "color" in the Inspire crops. It looks like a large portion of the back of the leg is circle mesh. I am hunting for a better photo.

Concord Grape Excel crops and Run: Tame Me Tank.

Run: in the Sun crops

Play In the Sun Shorts - $58

Run: A Marathon Singlet in the Fossil stripe

Photos of the Latest

I'm not sure what this is called but I would think it's a Post Bliss long sleeve. I'll update if it's incorrect.

New pant but I don't have a name yet. I'll update when I do.

All the colors of the new Power Class tee. I think I like the Fossil best. If it shows up tonight, I think I will order it.

All the new colors in the Excel crops. The Dark Coal with Dazzling accents looks really nice with the Flash Tame Me Tank.

Shown with the Play in the Sun Shorts

The Special Edition Swiftly also comes in a tank, too. I think the print is only in the Flash and Concord versions, though. The above photo shows a black Swiftly tank has hit the stores, too, but it doesn't have a print on it. There is a new Porcelaine blue long sleeve Swiftly out. It doesn't have the print on it.

Some closeup of the Play in the Sun Shorts. They come in sizes 2-12.

More photos of the new Run: In the Sun crops.

All the colors of the Run: Tame Me Tank. I'm hoping it might show up in Menthol or maybe even Porcelaine.

Hot N Sweaty shorts in Flash

Sea Wheeze Training: Outfit of the Day

I got to wear my new Tame Me tank today and really, really liked it. The weather was sunny and 70 degrees. The tank was light and airy and nothing about it bothered me. The straps stayed in place and it was a great tank for hot weather running. I am thinking about getting another Tame Me in Flash (worried about bleeding, though) or the new Rose Quartz color. I wore it with luxtreme Run: Take Flight Bike Shorts (so hoping these come back this summer). I also wore a Lavender Gray Ta Ta Tamer underneath and the color looks really nice with Concord Grape. I also wore my new Concord Swiftly headband.

The plan was to run 5K today but I ran into a time crunch and only made it 2.6 miles before I had to go. After my son's orthodontist appointment I went out and ran another mile to at least get the distance into my legs. Anyway, planning to hit 5K on Tuesday. I was happy with this run because the last two I've done I had to do a bit of run-walking to hit my goal distances but this time I made it straight through without stopping.

Photos: Run: Tame Me Tank, Run: A Marathon Singlet and More

Shown with the new Run in the Sun crops

Photos of the Run: Tame Me Tank. It also comes in a new color - Rose Quartz. I wore mine to run today in sunny 70-degree weather and it was perfect - comfy and airy. I guess I should have picked up that the name is related to the Ta Ta Tamer. If you are busty you'll want to check this tank out. (Thanks to Ms. Q for letting me use her photo)

Photos of the Run: A Marathon Singlet.

Black Run: In the Sun Crops

Flash Stuff Your Bra