Friday, April 6, 2012

More Meditation Pullover and City Practice Pant Photos, Fit Review of Tame Me Tank, Quickie Store Trip Report

A few more photos of the new Meditation Pullover. I didn't see this when I was at the store today. It's shown with the black slub denim City Practice Pant.

My Tame Me tank came yesterday. I really, really like it. I was afraid it would be tight in the chest since the Chase Me tank was but it fits perfectly - not too snug at all. It fits a roomy true to size, perfect for running. The straps stay on my shoulders and a Ta Ta Tamer fits under it perfectly. It's a figure-flattering, very lightweight tank. I would go back and order another one but it's sold out in my size. I hope it's coming out in additional colors. I plan on running in it this weekend.

I don't think I mentioned this but I ran in my new visor on Thursday. It's very lightweight and comfortable. I wouldn't say it felt noticeably cooler than running in one of my other lulu hats but it was only in the mid-60s. If you are in the market for a visor, definitely check this one out.

I made a quick trip to the Fashion Island store today to return the Heathered Concord Grape CRB I ordered from the website. I didn't try anything on. I was hoping to see the April Wee Are From Space (WAFS) Multi CRB and the Flash Tame Me Tank but they didn't have those. They didn't have the new SE Swiftly tops either. They had the new Blurred Blossom Every Yogi, Stuff Your Bra Tanks, new Recognition pants in white denim and the April WAFS waistband but that was about it. They had all three new colors of the Swiftly headband so I got the Menthol and Concord Grape. I have six of these now so I think I'm done buying these. I hope some swiftly tops and other tanks show up in Menthol. It's a fun color.

Comparison of Menthol to Aruba and Beachy Green. The Menthol Swiftly headband is in the middle. The darker color is Beachy Green, the lighter, Aruba.