Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rumor: Green Is Coming

Reader Staci writes in to say she heard we will be getting items in the green color from the Blurred Blossom print. Looking forward to that, if it's true.

Sea Wheeze Training

I haven't written about my run training in a couple of weeks but I am still at it. I hit the end of the Couch to 5K which is 30 minutes of solid running (i.e., no walk breaks).  You are supposed to be at the 5K distance by the time you can run 30 minutes but since I run so slowly I was only at just under 2 miles. I switched over to the Hal Higdon 5K Novice program (started at week 4) and am planning on doing that for another week or so until I get to 3 miles. Today I ran 2.5 miles at ten seconds under my fastest pace so as I continue to run solid blocks of distance I am getting better at it. I plan on using the Hal Higdon 10K and Half Marathon programs to take me to the Sea Wheeze. After I hit the magic three mile number I'll probably switch to a run/walk type format but for now I just want to hit three miles. My ITB and other various aches have greatly diminished after every run, too, so that is encouraging.

I've picked up a few new items in the past couple of weeks that I am loving. The first thing I got was a Pro-Tec ITB strap at the LA Marathon Expo. BTW, I don't think I ever blogged about the LA Marathon Expo. It was quite a bit different than the expo for the Disneyland Tinkerbell race. There weren't any girly vendors, for one thing. No arm warmer, headband, or run sticker/magnet vendors at all. Not as many food samples, either. The lulu truck was pretty lame - just paris pink and classic sport gray Swiftly LS and SS tops and a couple of pairs of luxtreme bottoms. They also had white and black Cool Racerbacks. I told them they should have brought the arm warmers down. I'm not sure who determines what should be sent to the Southern California region stores to be sold but if they don't have a local person here do it, they certainly should. The Swiftly arm warmers would sell well here, I think.

I also downloaded the Map My Run app for my iphone. It keep tracks of my route and pace and I've set it to tell my distance and pace info every 0.3 miles. A voice breaks into your music at the interval you set to tell you the information. I only wish she'd speak a little faster. When you get home you log on to the website to get more detailed information about your split times and elevation information on the route. I totally love it.

I also got an Amphipod armband case to hold my iPhone when I run. I still haven't figured out the best cord route management so it doesn't bug me when I swing my arms but I'll get there. It has a little pocket behind where you put the phone for your car key. Right now, I am putting my car keys in the zipper pocket on my luxtreme crops.

The other thing I am thinking of getting is the little 8 oz. Amphipod hand held water bottle (btw, lulu, why haven't you fixed the description on the website for this? You have three reviews already telling the volume information (says it's 16 oz) and material (says it's stainless steel) is wrong and it still sits there uncorrected. Ridiculous.) Anyway, it's cute and totally fits my hand like a glove. I like the little key pocket. The only issue is that it's pretty pricey at $24 and I think I'd probably be better off getting some sort of belt hydration system which is what I'll have to upgrade to for the half anyway.

Anyway, I am plugging away at the running and slowly improving. My husband was telling me I should run a 5K race just to get the hang of a race but I'd rather do a local 10K that is coming up in June. I've done this race before as a walk and it's flat as can be. I would prefer something more scenic and different but this is right in my backyard and at a distance I haven't done before so it will be a true challenge for me.

More of the Latest

I really love Concord Purple paired with the Blurred Blossom print. Most photos have been showing the Flash Cool Racerback with this skirt but I think the purple really pops the skirt in an understated way. Love this combo.

I am really loving the Dune Dance Studio Jacket. I need to check this out when I hit my local store. I've been wearing Scubas most of this winter but I've been toying with getting a DSJ for awhile now. This could be the one.

An eye-popping summer outfit - Flash Cool Racerback with the white Yoga Camp pants.

Blurred Blossom Daily tank with Concord Grape Studio Pants - a fun outfit.

More of the Latest

I love the look of this Groove Crop Quilted Waistband.

Blurred Blossom Astro Pants

Blurred Blossom Scoop Neck and Power Y tanks.

 Most photos I've seen pair the Blurred Blossom Pace Setter with the Flash Cool Racerback but it looks nice with black.

Blurred Blossom Pace Setter skirt with a Flash Cool Racerback
Flash Extra Long Cool Racerback

Photos of the Latest

Another photo of the Tall Reverse Groove Shorts to let you know the one used on the website is not a good indication of the true length. They are nearly as long as the old Biker Groove Shorts.

Love the black jacquard Pace Setter skirt.

Photos of the Fossil It's A Cinch Dress. I love to use it as a tunic. I hope it comes out in Concord Grape. I think I'd get one in that color.

Love the look of the new Bliss Bag. The Rose Quartz is particularly pretty.

Yoga Camp Crop in Fossil and White

Photos - Daily Bra

Photos of the new Daily Bra. It comes in Flash, Black, and Concord Grape.

Photos - Daily Tank

I love heathered Concord Grape. I was so bummed when heathered Black Swan looked more gray than purple but I think I need a tank in Heathered Concord Grape. I think I will hold out for a Cool Racerback in this color but if the Daily Tank works for me, I might get one. I've read that the straps don't work so well on narrow-shouldered women. I'm hoping to see it at the store tomorrow.

Such a cute spring/summery look - the white Yoga Camp pant and Blurred Blossom Daily Tank.

Blurred Blossom Daily Tank with Flash Wunder Unders

Blurred Blossom Daily with Heathered Deep Coal (? or Black) Wunder Unders

Blurred Blossom Daily tank with Concord Grape Studio Pants

Daily Tank with the Daily Bra underneath. I can still see the straps. I can't imagine this tank works well with a Ta Ta Tamer if the Daily Bra shows. Hmmm.

Photos: Dance Studio Jacket

I love the Concord Grape Studio Jacket in these photos. It looks so nice with Ultraviolet (shown here) and with the new Blurred Blossom print.
 A rare photo of the new Dune Studio Jacket. The Studio is super comfy and not obviously "lulu" looking.

The three new colors of Studio Jacket - Dune, Concord Grape, and Black.

Love Concord with the Blurred Blossom print. Concord Studio Jacket, Blurred Blossom Scoop Neck tank, white Yoga Camp Crops. Such a cute spring outfit.

Shown with White Yoga Camp crop and Heathered Ultraviolet Cool Racerback
Shown with the Rose Quartz Bliss Bag and Blurred Blossom tank