Monday, March 26, 2012

The Latest: Blurred Blossom, Flash Cool Racerback, Jacquard Pace Setter Skirt and More

Blurred Blossom Flow Y. I definitely like this pattern best when a lot of purple is showing. If I can find a tank with a good distribution of purple flowers I'll probably get it. The green used in the print is very pretty so I am looking forward to seeing tops in that color, too. Not sure if we will but I know a lot of people have been wanting lulu to come out with a nice green.

Blurred Blossom Flow Y, Pace Setter Skirt, and Lucky Luon headband. The accent color in the skirt is Flash. Shown with coordinating Wunder Unders and Boogie shorts.

Some more shots of the Blurred Blossom Pace Setter skirt.

New Lucky Luon Headbands in Blurred Blossom, Heathered Flash and Heathered Aquamarine (I think). I got a Blurred Blossom one thanks to a nice lady name Tracey who bought it for me. Thanks, Tracey!

If I wore running skirts I'd definitely get this one - it's a jacquard print Pacesetter. So subtly unique. Love!

New Extra Long Racerbacks in Flash are hitting the stores.

The It's a Cinch Dress also comes in Fossil.
A photo of the long Reverse Groove shorts to show you the true length. The website has the wrong photo.

Cool Racerback in Heathered Fossil (I think). Also shown are new Groove pants with the Blurred Blossom waistband.

Photos: Travel to Track Jacket

Cinch ties inside to define the waist, also there is an interior breast pocket for your stuff
Photos of the new Travel to Track jacket. It comes in three colors: Black, Fossil Jacquard, and Rose Quartz Jacquard. I tried it on yesterday and liked it. It was roomy enough through the bust and shoulders that it didn't pull when I am pantomimed running in the store. I'd say the fit is a roomy True To Size. It's a bit on the short side but I don't know if that is a bad thing when you are running. It has an ipod cord tunnel, which I love. The Run Essential Jacket doesn't not and they are only $10 apart. This is $148. If you are in the market for a running jacket definitely check this one out.

Shown with Concord Grape Dance Studio pants
Shown with the Blurred Blossom Pace Setter skirt

Photos - Concord Grape Studio Pant

Photos of the new Concord Grape Studio Pant. I think these are fun. I'm not sure how purple they will be in real life. I'm thinking most likely like the top photo. I forgot to look for Indigo Studio Crops when I was at the store yesterday. Those are what I want right now.

NEW! Yoga Camp Crops

New Yoga Camp Crops in Black,White, and Fossil. They are the crop version of the pant we saw a few months ago. They come in size 2-12.

Shown with a Flash X-long CRB

NEW! Daily Bra

New Daily Bra (thanks to Megan for the photo). Here's a sampling of the initial reaction to this photo on my lulu board (the one with the fanatics):

"Not gonna lie.. these kinda look like training bras.."

"yep these remind me of my first training bra..."

"WTF there are so many low support bras made by lulu and only one (Ta Ta Tamer) high support. when are they going to come back with something like the bust stops here? That was my fav"

"or don't fix what ain't broken.. make more all sport, energy, cross my heart, free to be.. etc."

"Daily bra for tweens! Make them in the blossom print so they match the child undies pattern lol, as Ms. X put it. I SO wish I could get hired on the design team. This is terrible."


Studio Pant Color Comparison

New Dance Studio Pants are out in Concord Grape. Here is a color comparison of three colors: Black, Deep Indigo, and Concord Grape. (Thanks to Beverly for the photo.)