Friday, March 23, 2012

Blurred Blossom - Headband, Pace Setter skirt, Grooves and Run: Travel to Track Jacket Photos

Ok, I may not like the Blurred Blossom print as a tank for me but I sure as heck want a headband with the pattern. It looks like this might be a Bang Buster - cool! But, it could be a Lucky Luon one, I suppose. New Run: Travel to Track jacket, Blurred Blossom Pace Setter skirt and Heathered Ultraiolet Cool Racerback.

More photos of the new Run: Travel to Track jacket. This looks like the Rose Quartz jacquard color. Shown with the Blurred Blossoms print Pace Setter skirt. I'm not sure what Blurred Blossom top she has on underneath the Heathered UV CRB - a Flow Y, Power Y, or Cool Racerback.

More Blurred Blossom items.

NEW! Run: Travel to Track Jacket

Intriguing new Run: Travel to Track Jacket. This is in the new jacquard print. I'll update with more photos as soon as I come across them.