Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photos of the Latest

The black Wee Are From Space Combo Scuba. I really like this one.

The Deep Indigo Scuba (shown with Flash Wunder Unders). I saw this in the store the other day. It's like one of those salt and pepper slub scubas. I thought it was really pretty.

Shown with Fossil Power Dance tank
Transformation Wrap in Dune.

Interesting pattern combo - Coal/Fossil Wee Are From Space Define with the Heathered Ultraviolet Scoop Neck tank.

I like this combo - a lavender dusk Swiftly short sleeve tee and the We Are From Space Fossil Speed Shorts.

I'm thinking about getting the squeezable Amphipod handheld. I see lots of people running holding bottles. I don't know if I would get tired of holding it after awhile, though. My husband also said he has read criticism where people don't care for the sloshing when they are partially full but this one is so small maybe it won't be an issue.

Deep Breath Bra

I love this jacket when I see it in the photos. I need to try it on at the store but I don't think I'd get much use out of it. I think it's gorgeous, though.

Wunder Under pants with the Wee Are From Space Multi print waistband.

 I haven't see a store photo of the front of the Fossil Wee Are From Space Scoop Neck show up yet.

She has the matching Fossil Wee Are From Space Headband on.
 I really like the Coal/Fossil Wee Are From Space Define.

 I hope I don't love this tank when I see it in the store. I am kind of out of lulu $ for the month.

A good photo showing the white/Fossil Wee Are From Space Chase Me Tank.