Monday, March 19, 2012

Upload - Some Surprises

New print - Blurred Blossoms - debuted in the Pace Setter Skirt. I can't tell if I like it or not from this photo. I'll need to see it in person, though I'd bet I'll end up getting the Cool Racerback when it comes out.

The It's a Cinch Dress is back. This was one of my favorite purchases from last year. I'm glad to see it back. I hope it comes in some cute prints. I like to wear it like it's shown in the photo above - as a tunic.

New pricey No Rain No Gain jacket. I'm not a fan of the turtle shell-looking back.

I didn't order anything tonight but I am tempted by the Ultraviolet Cool Racerback. I really want a new Amphipod Iphone armband so I think that's where my lulu dollars are going this week. What did you get?

More of the Latest

This girl looks so cute I had to put her in the top spot. She's wearing the Lavender Dusk Deep Breath bra with Flash Wunder Unders.

Max visibility in this outfit - Dazzling Run in the Rain jacket with the Ultra Violet Pace Setter skirt.

New waistbands in Wunder Under crops.

Another photo of the new Black Wee Are From Space Sucba. The trim is Lavender Dusk, I believe. I haven't seen this in person yet. My husband snuck out to make a trip to lulu yesterday while I was running (boo!).

Photos of the Latest - New Define and Scoop Neck tank and More

New Coal/Fossil Wee Are From Space Define. Show with a new white Pacesetter Skirt (this could be the tall version, I'm not sure.)

I don't have a front pic yet but this is a new Coal/Fossil Wee Are From Space Scoop Neck tank.

New Deep Indigo Pace-Setter Skirt.

Ultraviolet Pace Setter Skirt

Switch Back Half Zip in Deep Indigo Stripes

More photos of the Inkblot Run Essential II Jacket.

Shown with the Fossil Power Dance Tank

More photos of the Flash Wunder Under Crops.

NEW! Dazzling Run in the Rain Jacket

Ooh! This is much cuter than the Dazzling Ride On Rain Jacket. I actually like it quite a bit. More photos:

NEW! Deep Breath Bra

New Deep Breath bra. It comes in black, Lavender Dusk, and Heathered Ultraviolet/Dune.