Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flash Wunder Unders and More

One of my favorite eds at the Fashion Island store (in a near-vintage Pulse Wrap)

Power Dance in Fossil / Fossil Wee Are From Space print

Shown with the X-long Fossil Wee Are From Space Cool Racerback
Some photos of the new Flash Wunder Under crops.

 New Fossil Wee Are From Space Flow Y bra.

New Power Dance in Fossil/Fossil Wee Are From Space Print.

The black Run For All Singlet paired with the Run: Shorty Shorts in Wee Are From Space print.

Rumor: Speedo Expert Headed to Lululemon to Solve Bleeding Issues

A friend recently told me she'd been told that lulu hired away a person from Speedo at great expense to help them solve their fabric bleeding issues. I'm glad to hear they are taking action to solve this issue. They should put some sort of open letter on their website letting people know the steps they're taking to fix things.

Open Your Heart Tank Pulled For Fit Problems

An anonymous commenter told us that the new Open Your Heart Tanks were getting pulled from the stores for fit. Today they are off the website. I didn't notice anything truly awful when I tried it on but I know people have said it came up too high on them in the armpits. I think the weight of my boobs mitigated this issue but I can see how it would bug a lot of people.