Monday, March 12, 2012


Not a Wee Are From Space Scuba - just Ultraviolet

Two new Scuba colors were uploaded tonight - Deep Indigo and Ultraviolet. The Ultraviolet one is used in the Legendary Duffel photos that we thought might be some sort of Wee Are From Space print. I was hoping it would contain multiple colors but it doesn't. I kind of like the Deep Indigo one, though.

The other surprise uploaded tonight was an Every Yogi LS in Dazzling that reverses to white/ultraviolet. I wouldn't mind an Every Yogi tank in Dazzling provided the color is muted compared the luon version.

My wallet was safe tonight. Did you order anything?

Photo of the Latest

The new Open Your Heart tank looks pretty meh in most of the photos I've seen but I really like it on this woman. Shown with the Power House crops.

 Looking forward to trying this on when it hits my stores - Chase Me tank in aquamarine.

 Another photo of the Heathered Ultraviolet In Stride Jacket.

Forgot to post a photo of the new Hot N Sweaty shorts in the Wee Are From Space Multi print.

NEW! Heathered Ultraviolet In Stride Jacket

Ooh, now this is pretty. It's a new In Stride Jacket in Heathered Ultraviolet. Very tempting.

NEW! Speed Shorts with a Flame (?) Waistband

New Speed shorts in white Wee Are From Space with a Flame waistband. Not sure if the store meant to write Flash or if there is a new color called Flame. If it's a new color, I like it! Update - a reader comments this is flash. It's true - it does look like flash has in some photos. My question on the store FB page asking about "flame" disappeared for some reason.

Photos - Open Your Heart Tank, Embrace Crops, and More

Coal Fossil Wee Are From Space Groove pants. Shown with the Heathered Lavender gray Good Karma pullover the black Open Your Heart Tank. I love these Grooves.

Shown with Embrace Crops
Shown with Coal Fossil Wee Are From Space Groove Pants
Photos of the new Open Your Heart Tank. It comes in Wee Are From Space Multi print, Dazzling, Ultraviolet, and Black.

New Embrace Crops in Heathered Deep Coal. Shown with the Open Your Heart Tank in Wee Are From Space Multi Print.

The Chase Me Tank is hitting stores. I am very curious to try this on to see if I'd like it for running.

New Good Karma Pullover, Wunder Under Pants, In Stride Jacket, and More

New Good Karma pullover in Heathered Lavender Gray. (Although this could be Lavender Dusk. I'll update when I know for certain.) In the top photo are new Wunder Under Pants in fossil Wee Are From Space print. The bottom is show with an Ultraviolet Open Your Heart Tank. The Good Karma is also coming in Heathered Rocksteady.

New Practice Freely in Coal Fossil Wee Are From Space Print.

New Wunder Under crops in Heathered Deep Coal and Wunder Under Pants in the Fossil Wee Are From Space Print.

A better photo of the new In Stride in Heathered Lavender Dusk (thanks to Donna for the photo).

New In Stride Jacket in Heathered Lavender Gray Dusk and Black. I saw a better photo of this and the color is Lavender Dusk.