Thursday, March 8, 2012

Studio Pants Color Comparisons - Black, Coal, Deep Coal, Blurred Gray

A great comparison photo shot of the grays in Studio Pants. From left to right: Black, Deep Coal, Coal, and Blurred Gray. (Thanks to Ms. L. for the photo.)

Photos of the Latest

Two new Wee Are From Space gray/white prints in the Speed Shorts (top) and Turbo shorts (bottom). These are both on the website. I think this are both cute and can be paired with tons of different colored tops.

A dark classic sport gray swiftly long sleeve with the Black Wee Are From Space Run Shorty Shorts.

The March Multi Wee Are From Space Power Y has been looking great in every photo. That is one reason I need to try it on. (Shown with Inspire Crops. Practice Freely tank in the middle)

The Boogie Shorts in the Spring 10 quilt is hitting more stores. It has that new pink space dye and a new blotchy print. The bright color on the left is Flash which is supposed to make a curtain call.

More photos of the new Power Pose crop.

Argh, I really like this scuba. Must remain strong for that pink Space dye one from the website banners I posted yesterday. It's so pretty.

Run Wild Half Zip Photos

Two more photos of the new Run Wild Half Zip Pullover. I am planning to try this on tomorrow when I visit the store. It is really tempting to me so I hope I don't love it. I got the Wee Are From Space Multi Cool Racerback I ordered from the upload today so I want to return the Coal/Fossil Wee Are From Space X-Long CRB. That one kind of washes me out. I was hoping not to like the multi one either but it's really nice. I want to give the Power Y a try to see if I prefer it to the CRB. I think March and April are going to be expense lulu months. I read on my lulu board there is a photo of a pink Wee Are From Space Push UR Limits in the new Oxygen magazine. I need to get to the library and check it out. I assume it looks like this:

NEW! Ultraviolet Chase Me Tank

New Chase Me Tank in Ultraviolet. I need to give this tank a try but it hasn't hit my local stores yet.