Monday, March 5, 2012

Tonight's Upload

So, I ordered the Wee Are From Space March Multi Cool Racerback tonight. I am glad it is a nomral length CRB. There was a lot of cute items and some surprises tonight. What did you all order?

I am going to be saving my pennies for whatever this jacket is. I think it's super pretty and very classic lulu-looking.

Hints of Things to Come

The upload happened about 45 minutes ago. The lulu site uploaded some new banner photos. I am liking the jacket in this print a lot! The print is old-school lulu looking.

Funky purple hip hop pants? Zumba pants?

An ultraviolet or another pink Wee Are From Space print? I like it.

 New pink and a new bag?

A snood or just a new scarf?

NEW Special Edition Wee Are From Space Coal Fossil Wunder Under Crops

New special edition Wunder Unders that can be cuffed or not. The text seems to indicate there is a big pocket but it's been wrong numerous times before:

  • The ultimate crop cuff, roll it, wear it straight and stash your cards and smartphone in the hidden pocket!
  • Our signature cotton-feel luon® fabric is breathable & has 4-way stretch that moves with you
  • Medium rise, snug fit, calf length
  • Inner waistband stash pocket to secure $ & keys
  • Gusset designed for greater range of movement & comfort
  • Flat seamed for chafe-resistance
  • Preshrunk

Photos - The New Swiftly Headband

A great photo showing all the new Swiftly headbands. I think the one I called Dark Classic Sport gray is really black now that I look at it. This headband is $14.

Ultraviolet/Dazzling Practice Freely tank

I am not liking this combo of the Practice Freely at all.

Photos - Wee Are From Space Multi Power Dance

The Multi Wee Are From Space/Ultraviolet Power Dance tank shown with the special edition Wunder Under Crops. I like the decorative stitching up the back when it's paired with a matching tank.

The fit of the Power Dance is the same as previous releases. I find it true to size. The bra portion is made of luxtreme. I tried this on today to help me decide whether I really want the extra long cool racerback in the multi wee are from space print but I am still up in the air about that print as a tank.

NEW Run: Chase Me Crop Colors

New Chase Me Crops in the Wee Are From Space Multi Pattern and Lavender Dusk. I saw these in the store today.

There is also a new Wee Are From Space Black version of the Chase Me crops. I would love a Push Limits tank in the Black Wee Are From Space print.

Heathered Fossil and Heathred Ultraviolet Push UR Limits Tanks

I saw this Push in the store tonight but didn't try it on. This woman looks so good in it she makes me want to go back and give it a try. I do have a fatal attraction to gray prints. I don't particularly love the white straps but I supposed they are a nice change from black.

Photos - Lavender Dusk For All Skirt

Photos of the new Lavender Dusk Run: For All Skirt. The top photo is shown with the heathered Fossil Push UR Limits tank.

Photos - Dazzling/ Fossil Wee Are From Space Run For All Skirt Outfits

The Dazzling/Fossil Wee Are From Space Run For all skirt looks cutest paired with Dazzling tops. White doesn't look too bad either:

I bet coal and solid fossil would look nice, too. 

Not as successful,

The Push UR Limits is heathered Fossil and the skirt is We Are From Space Fossil.

 Lavender Dusk Push UR Limits.

I can't decide if I like this combo or not.

Photos - Black/Wee Are From Space Multi Run For All Skirt Outfits

My favorite outfit photo of the new Run For All Skirt in the Wee Are From Space Multi print. I love this matched with black. It's not so nearly as nice matched with other colors:

Blech - paired with heathered ultraviolet Push UR Limits. 

OK - paired with Dazzling Swiftly.

 OK - paired with Lavender Dusk Swiftly. 

I am not really like this Ultraviolet/Practice Freely tank paired with anything. More photos to come.

Photos - Travel to Track Pant

Photos of the new Travel to Track pant. I saw these in the store today. I think they are either $98 or $108. They are super lightweight.