Sunday, March 4, 2012

Couch to 5K, Week 6 Day 3 - Freaking-A Hot!

Energy SL tank, probably the best tank EVER from lululemon
I skipped writing about my last C25K workout since it was rather non-eventful. I ended up skipping the Day 1 workout altogether which was run 5/8/5 minutes with 3 minutes of waking in between. I ran the Day 2 workout on Thursday which was run 10 minutes, walk 3, run 10 minutes. Today's Day 3 workout was run 22 minutes straight. Because of an 8 am soccer game this morning I didn't end up running until 11 am which wasn't ideal since it was already 83 degrees out. However, it'll be that hot up in Vancouver for the Sea Wheeze so I figured I might as well get used to it.

I didn't take a photo of my clothes but I wore an Energy SL tank. It's made of silverescent circle mesh, probably my most favorite hot weather/hot workout material that lululemon makes. I paired it with a pair of Moving Comfort compression shorts. I wanted something short and compressive today. I liked the shorts for the most part up until the last few minutes when I felt really hot on my bottom half. I thought the Energy SL was the perfect tank for today's run and I'll probably wear one for the Sea Wheeze. I hope that lulu brings this tank back again this summer in some new colors. It's my favorite hot workout tank - flattering cut and awesome performance material.

I drove to the same bike path I went to last week but by myself this time. I didn't even consider needing to stash my car key until I got there. I initially was going to put it in the pocket of the Energy tank but was having a hard time wrestling it in there. Then I remembered my Flight Running Bonnet had a zipper so I put it in my hat. I never felt it the entire time during my run. Zipper pockets in hats = win!

It took me a good three minutes into my run before I didn't feel like heading back to the car and going home. After that point, it wasn't too bad but it wasn't nearly as awesome as last Sunday's run. I wasn't as well-rested as last week. The last seven minutes or so kind of sucked and I resorted to counting out loud up and down from ten the last two minutes to make it to the end. I actually felt a little nauseous at that point but it was hot and I was going up a slight incline. Overall, I was happy with the run. I have been having noticeably fewer issues with ITB and other aches. I hope this means my joints and bones are getting used to the stresses of running.

I totally slacked off running this week - only going two days instead of three and spacing runs out by three or more days but I hope to get back on track this week. The Week 7 workouts are all a solid 25 minutes in length, no more walking intervals. Week 8 is three 28 minutes runs and Week 9 is the end of the program with a 30 minute run which is supposed to cover 3 miles. I am so slow that I'll have to extend the training out until I actually hit the 3 mile mark. After I get used to running 3 miles then I'll start on a half marathon training program, maybe the Hal Higdon one some of my friends have used. I want to start investigating some different run paths to get me through these longer duration runs. I am tired of circling my neighborhood and the novelty of a new place is a great distraction.

Photos: Run For All Singlet and Ultraviolet Practice Freely

The first educator photos I have seen of the Run: For All Singlet. I think this woman has sized down at least one if not two (and I suspect two) sizes to get such a fitted look.

More photos of the Ultraviolet/Dazzling Practice Freely tank.

I'm hoping to visit the store tomorrow. I got derailed this weekend because of a soccer tournament and a school project.