Friday, March 2, 2012

Photo - Ultra Violet / Wee Are From Space Power Dance Tank

Reader Michelle sent in a photo of the new Ultra Violet/Wee Are From Space Power Dance Tank (thank you!). I like Power Dance tanks a lot and own three, all with a space dye bra portion. I'm not sure whether I need this one but it's very pretty.

NEW! Wee Are From Space March Multi Power Y Hitting US Stores

This just showed up in one of my SoCal product notices - the Wee Are From Space March Multi Print Power Y. Dang, it looks like I'll have to visit the stores this weekend.

Spotted in Stores - New Power Dance Tank, Swiftly Headbands are Here

Previous version of the Power Dance Tank
Reader Groovegirl reports (thanks!) that she has spotted new Power Dance Tanks in stores in Lavender Dusk and one with the Wee Are From Space Multi print on top and Ultraviolet on the bottom. I need to check that one out. I'll update with photos as soon as I get some.

The Swiftly Headbands we've been looking at on the website are finally in stores. They are $14 and come in Ultraviolet, Lavender Dusk, Aquamarine, and Black.

There is a Flow Y in the Wee Are From Space Multi print.

She reports the new items were in the Glendale store, plus:

-Glendale has the Practice Freely tank and Run Inspire crops in Wee Are From Space March Multi print/accents.
-They also have the Practice Freely tank in the UV/Dazzling combination picture on the website.
-Also saw the PUL in heathered UV. Agree with others that the black panels are unfortunate.
-Did not see any CRBs, Power Ys, or Scoop Necks in the Wee Are From Space March Multi Print. However, they have the Dazzling CRB.
-They also have a good selection of the new WUs in Heathered UV and Wee Are From Space March Multi Print.
-Noticed lots of running crops on markdown at this location too.
-Also saw a Run:Turn Around LS in Persian Purple, size 12 on markdown - Crazy!

Spotted in Stores - NEW Travel to Track Pant

Another new item is hitting US stores - a new Travel to Track pant. (Thanks to Amy for this photo.)

NEW! Run: For All Skirt

Spotted in US stores - a new run skirt, the Run: For All Skirt.  (Thanks to Ms. W for the photo).

Thanks to Amy for this photo.

I like the Wee Are From Space Multi version but the Dazzling one reminds me of something Nike would make. What do you guys think? It's supposed to be longer but early try on reports say you can see the undershorts through the slit in the side. The skirt also comes in solid black and solid lavender (I think).

Photos - Ultraviolet Push UR Limits and New Practice Freely Tanks

Finally - a good photo of the new Heathered Ultraviolet Push UR Limits. The back panels and straps are black.

The new Wee Are From Space March Multi Print Practive Freely tank.

A Couple of Heathered Dazzling Cool Racerback Outfits

I don't think I've posted this combo yet - the Heathered Dazzling Cool Racerback tank with the Wee Are From Space March Multi print Wunder Unders.

Heathered Dazzling CRB, Tinted Canvas Energy bra (I think), and Deep Indigo We Are From Space Print Inpsires (I think, though they could be black).