Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ultraviolet Push UR Limits and Cute Outfits

On the left: Lavender Dusk Swiftly with Inblot Shorts
You can see a tiny photo of the new Heathered Ultraviolet and Black Push UR Limits on the right side of this photo. The new Push looks like this:

If this was in the Wee Are From Space Multi print I'd be all over it. Maybe it will come.

Lavender Dusk Push UR Limits.

A really cute combo - Wee Are From Space March Multi print Pranayama bra and Heathered Ultraviolet Wunder Under crops.

The Lavender Dusk Debut tank with Heathered Deep Coal Special Edition Wunder Under crops.

Heathered Lavender Dusk Define Jacket paired with Heathered Ultraviolet Wunder Under crops.

Heathered Ultraviolet Arise bra paired with Heathered Dazzling Cool Racerback tank.

Ultraviolet Swiftly Tank paired with Dazzling Tracker shorts.

Wee Are From Space Coal Fossil X-long Cool Racerback paired with Ultraviolet Tracker Shorts.

NEW! Wee Are From Space March Multi Inspire Crops and Scoop Neck Tank

I am liking both of these new Wee Are From Space Multi piece - the Scoop Neck tank and Inspire Crops.

I love this Practice Freely tank in Coal/Wee Are From Space Multi.

Today's Shopping Trip

My store got the new Run: For All Singlets in in Dazzling and Black. I think it's a nice running singlet and especially good for busty women. The chest is very, very roomy. I had a hard time deciding whether to size down in this or not. The bust and armpits fit a little better when I sized down but then the hips were snugger than I liked. I think the Dazzling ran larger than the Black. I ended up not getting it, primarily because of the color choice. If it came in Ultraviolet I definitely would have bought one. There is no drawcord at the bottom, nor an ipod/key pocket. I hope it's coming in other pretty colors. I think I would love this for spin and running.

I ended up getting the X-long Cool Racerback in the Coal Fossil Wee Are From Space Print. I was hoping to try on the Multicolored version of this tank but neither store I went to had it. I don't have any x-long CRBs yet and as you know I am a sucker for prints in grays and blacks.  This is one of the rare tanks made in Canada, which also factored in my decision to get it.

I also tried on the Swiftly tank in Ultraviolet and Dazzling and was very tempted by the Ultraviolet. I hope to see more tanks in Ultraviolet.

I tried on the heathered Dazzing Cool Racerback. I found it fit snugger than normal. I liked it but didn't love it.

I tried on the ribbed Cool Racerback in the black/grayish color. I loved the color but I didn't like the feel of the material at all. It wasn't as soft or stretchy as a regular CRB. I thought it ran TTS.

I tried on the Debut tank but it's definitely not for me - not enough coverage and support. I love this color, though.

I went to Fashion Island and Irvine. Both stores got the Ebb and Flow crops in the Dark Classic Sport Gray (tried them on but they are too light for me) and a restocking of the black. FI had the new Run: For All Singlet but Irvine did not. Both stores had the new extra long and Heathered Dazzling Cool Racerbacks. Irvine had a single Paris Pink Pack and Go Pullover in size 8. It must have been a return. Both stores had good markdown racks. FI had a lot of run crops on markdown.

Photos of the Latest

Pretty new Swiftly Tech in Lavender Dusk. Also coming in a short sleeve version.

The new Wee Are From Space X-long CRB in Coal/Fossil. I am hoping to go to the store later today and check out the new stuff.

The heathered Dazzling CRB is also at my local stores. I'm not sure which Dazzling top I like - this, the Swiftly tank, or the new Run: Free singlet.

The new ribbed Cool Racerbacks are in the stores now, too.

There is a new Practice Freely tank coming in Deep Coal and the Wee Are From Space Multi print. I suspect there is a new Ultraviolet Push UR Limits coming, too, but the Product Notice email I got used the photo from the Purple Crush Push out last year. As soon as I have a photo of the new Push I will post.