Friday, February 24, 2012

Shopping Trip, Part 7 - Ride On Short

The Ride On shorts in Tan/Dune are pretty sedate. I didn't try them on size they didn't come in my size but I wanted to see them up close. They do not have padding in them. They also come in the black, and deep indigo. Once again, I didn't notice the price until just now - oofa.

Shopping Trip, Part 6 Ride On Pant

New Ride On Pants. It comes in Black with black denim inserts. It also comes in tan and deep indigo denim. I didn't even notice the price until I posted the tag just now. It was getting late so I didn't try these on but I wanted to see them up close. They do not have padding in them.

Shopping Trip, Part 5 - Ride On Crop

New Ride On Crops. I didn't try these on size since they weren't in my size and they are a bit busy for me. The cuffs are stitched into place. I believe they had these in the fossil denim and Deep Indigo Denim. They remind me a bit of the California Roll crops from the Lab. They are not padded.

Tonight's Shopping Trip, Part 4 - Wee Are From Space Multi Yin to You and Wunder Under Crops

A new pair of the Yin to You crops in the Wee Are From Space Multi (WESM) print. There are also regular Wunder Under crops in this print. If you like wild WUs/crops then these are for you. These crops were at the Fashion Island store. They also had the new Heathered Ultraviolet Wunder Unders, too.

Tonight's Shopping Trip, Part 3 - Run: Rest Day Pullover

The kangaroo pocket is hidden and has zipper access on both sides in the front.

No thumb holes at the cuff
I nearly went home with the Run: Rest Day Pullover (RRDP). The design reminded me a lot of the Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover except the RRDP is made of French Terry and a bit shorter. This top is a roomy true to size and you may even want to size down in it. It comes in Heathered Fossil and Black. If it had come in a more compelling color like heathered Deep Indigo I would have taken it home. It's a very comfy lounge piece.

Tonight's Shopping Trip, Part 2 - Ride on Blazer

Zip-in running luon dickie (i.e., "fabric collar")
Reflective Elbow Detail
Thanks to Amy for this photo of the Fossil Ride On Blazer

The Ride On Blazer is an interesting jacket. The shape reminds me a little of the Riding Jacket - shorter in the front than the back. It hits just above the crotch in the front and covers my rear in back. I kind of liked the edgy vibe it has in the black/fossil denim. It also comes in a light gray denim which I think is probably fossil/white denim. I thought the fit was a roomy true to size. The built in running luon dickie is an interesting touch. It zips completely out. The jacket has a figure skimming fit. I liked it but not enough to spend $168.

Tonight's Shopping Trip, Part 1 - Ride On Henley

I think the Ride On Henley is most appropriate as a to/fro/warmup or a lounge top. It would also be an awesome maternity top. I'm not sure why it is positioned in the bike line. It's made of running luon. The fit is very similar to the Tea Lounge pullover or Rehearsal Long Sleeve - snug though the shoulders/upper arms, armpits and extremely loose elsewhere. It comes in Heathered Dazzling, Black, and White. It has thumbholes but no cuffins. There is a little bit of circle mesh under the armpit. I would truly love this top if it were slightly less A-line or even a tunic shape. However, I will keep my eye on it. It is very appealing as a lounge top to wear with Wunder Unders or french terry pants like the Tea Lounge Pant.

NEW! Heathered Ultraviolet Wunder Under Crops

New Wunder Under crops in what looks like Heathered Ultraviolet. I guess it could be a space dye, too. I'll update when I know more.

NEW! Pedal Pusher Bag

New Pedal Pusher bag that you can clip to your big and then remove.

NEW! Ride On Henley and Bike Shorts

The shorts don't look too bad from this photo but what is the tent she is wearing on top? For cycling? Really??? Have the designers done any actual cycling? Outdoors? Come on.

Update - OK, I have since tried on the top and think it's pretty comfy as a lounge or warmup top. It's made of running luon. I'd prefer if it didn't tent out as much but it definitely is cozy. If you are pregnant it would make a great maternity top.