Thursday, February 23, 2012

Photos - Newest Bang Buster Headbands and More

There is a new Define Jacket out in Heathered Lavender Dusk.

The new Bang Buster headband colors in Lavender Dusk and Ultraviolet. I think I need a Lavender Dusk one. Or maybe the Ultraviolet. Hmm.

Since this is in such bright sunlight you can see a difference in shade in Dazzling in the two difference materials that make up Speed Shorts. The waistband is luxtreme and looks a little less red than the Swift material of the shorts.

 Not sure of the color of these Speed shorts but they're new.

Another Boogie Short photo with the Spring Quilt 10 waistband. The pink color on the hip looks a lot like Flash in this photo.

Comparison: Ultraviolet to Violaceous and Very Violet

Thanks to Tiffany for a great photo comparing the new Bang Buster headband to a Very Violet Yogi Dance jacket on the left and a Violaceous Define on the right.She said Ultraviolet and Violaceous are very similar.

NEW! Wee Are From Space Chase Me Pant

New Run: Chase Me Pant in the black Wee Are From Space Print. I thought I spotted this in an earlier photo but they looked so much like the Spirit Tight version I wasn't sure what I was seeing.

Spotted in Stores - New White Coal Speed Shorts

New Speed Shorts in WEWC/WHT which I think might be Wee Are From Space White Coal but this is only a guess.

The tag to the other new speed short color - maybe We Are From Space Multicolor? That is another guess. Thanks to Ms. H for the photos.

More of the Latest

 It looks like that the mystery color is dazzling after all.

I like how Discover Stripe looks with the Indigo Speed Shorts.

Another Photo of the New Speed Shorts

Thanks to Ms. H for the latest photo of the new speeds. I tried to read the color code and I believe it is a Wee Are From Space pattern but I can't be sure. I will update as soon as I know.

Photos of the Latest - Lavender Dusk, Dazzling Speeds, Discover Stripe Tanks

Boo - the Power Y is in Heathered Lavender Dusk and not solid. What a shame.

At least the Scoop Neck is mostly solid Lavender Dusk.

Some photos of the new Dazzling Speed Shorts. A few people have remarked that they remind them of Hooters Girl shorts. I guess if you don't wear them with a white shirt no one will make the connection.

Is this a new WU pant color?

Are CRBs scooping lower these days?

More Discover Stripe Tank photos.

NEW! Dazzling Tracker Shorts

From one of my Australian product emails - the new Tracker shorts are also coming in Dazzling, in addition to Ultraviolet, Paris Pink, and Black.

NEW! Speed Short Print

Not sure of the name of this pattern. If I had to guess I'd say it was some sort of Ultraviolet Space Dye but I don't think Speeds come in Space Dye pattern. As soon as I find out I will update.

NEW Print and Patterns!!!

Check it out - this waistband is full of goodness about what is coming. I see ultraviolet, some sort of space dye, and a new blotchy looking print. What is that pink on her left hip? The print reminds me a bit of Splatter Stripe print without the stripes. Awesome!

A couple more photos have cropped up of the print:

Thanks to Erica for this photo

Photos of the Latest

The official product notice photo of the Heathered Dazzling Cool Racerback. I think it looks washed out in this photo. Still only in Australia.

I don't have a photo of them yet but new Bang Buster headbands in Heathered Lavender Dusk and Ultraviolet are out in Australia. There is also a new luon headband in Wee Are From Space Coal Fossil. I'm not sure what that looks like either. I like the Wee Are From Space print in black a lot. As soon as I dig up a photo I will post.
Not a great photo but I'll take what I can - the Heathered Dazzling Cool Racerback.

A few photos to give you outfit ideas:

 First time I have spotted the Discover Stripe headband paired with the matching tank.

 I really, really love the look of the Indigo Denim Wunder Unders.

The classic running outfit - Swiftly tops and Inspire crops. I think these are gray Swiftlys and not Deep Indigo paired with Inspires.