Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Photos: Discover Stripe Cool Racerback, Power Y, and Scoop Neck and More

A very nice Australian lady named Liz provides us with a comparison of Dazzling (in the foreground) to Flash.

All the Discover Stripe tanks - Cool Racerback, Scoop Neck, and Power Y are hitting stores in the US. I need to head to a store to check them out. I was trying to determine from these photos if the stripes move around much, i.e., whether we have to cherry pick a tank with good stripe placement. It looks like they do a little. I haven't come across one yet with the wide band of aquamarine and white hitting right at the bust yet, though.

Scoop Neck Tank with the Discover Stripes.

If I got any tank in the Discover Stripe pattern it would probably be the Power Y. I think I am most likely going to pass on this print, though. I don't have many existing items in my wardrobe to pair with it.

Love the Discover Stripe Cool Racerback paired with the Aquamarine Pacesetter skirt.

The Lavender Dusk Power Y is hitting stores now.

A more low-key outfit - Black Swiftly half zip pullover paired with the Wee Are From Space Spirit Tights.

I like this Scuba a little better than the Discover Stripe one, I think. It's eye-catching but not so crazy as the other.

Discover Stripe Flow Y with the Deep Indigo Speed Shorts. Those shorts have a bit of a denim look to them. I'm surprised they haven't turned up in more photos. I think they are adorable.

Couch to 5K Week 5 Day 2 Workout - Outfit of the Day

I am so happy with today's run! I was anticipating the worst since my legs were tired from Pure Barre yesterday but I actually enjoyed the run. Yay me! The workout for today is 5 min warmup walk, 8 minute run, 5 min walk, 8 minute run. The second 8 minute run portion was harder to get started on so I can see why people abandon the run/walk method. The next workout is a solid 20 minute run. I was apprehensive about it but after today I think it is very doable. Today's outfit was a Lavender Energy SL tank, Ta Ta Tamer, Groove Wunder Unders (rolled up to my knees. I knew I was overdressed the minute I stepped outside), and a matching plaid hat. It was warm today - sunny and mid-60s.

NEW! Heathered Dazzling Cool Racerback

From Australia so not in North America yet as far as I can tell - a Cool Racerback in Heathered Dazzling. I like it!!!