Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Aussie Heads Up - Dazzling Tank

It's just a tease of a photo so I'm not sure what tank this is. If I had to guess I'd say a Cool Racerback based on how the fabric folds but the important thing is the color. Loving Dazzling from the photos so far.

Spotted in Oxygen Magazine - A New Tank? (Update - No)

Spotted in the on-line version of Oxygen magazine - a potential new lulu tank. I suppose it could be an older tank but magazines often have new items months before they hit the stores, as we saw when the Back on Track tank came out. I like the look of this tank a lot. (Thanks to Corinne for spotting this.)

Update - Commenters are saying this is the old Heartbeat tank and they were right. Here is a photo of the back:

Heartbeat Tank - circa 2008?

Coming Soon - Ultraviolet Tracker Shorts

One of the stores used this photo for Tracker Shorts in their product notice. When you click through the color code is ULVI which we know is Ultraviolet. I don't think it's in stores just yet but we know it's coming soon.

Dazzling is Hitting the Stores

Well poo. I was hoping the new orange color, called Dazzling, wouldn't hit until March. However, Dazzling Speed Shorts are hitting stores in Canada.

The Latest: Bonded Seam Turbo Shorts and More

More photos of the Lavender Dusk Practice Freely Tank. Shown with Boogie shorts on the second model.

Some more Aquamarine / Discover Stripe Practice Freely tank photos.

Good Karma pullover shown with Deep Indigo Denim Wunder Unders

Good Karma pullover shown with Deep Indigo Relaxed Fit pants.

Love this combo
More Good Karma pullover photos.

Paris Pink Speed Shorts

The Turbo shorts are coming in a special bonded seam edition. Not sure on the price delta for these.

The Daily Gym bag in Dune/Fossil

Lulu Booty

It's rare when a model with a more ample booty and thighs shows up in the store photos so I am psyched she posed in so many styles. Lots of us have this same shape but sometimes it's hard to judge how we would look in various lulu pants without trying them on. After looking at these, I'm going to have to go back and try on the Gather and Crow crops again.

Photos of the Latest

Aquamarine / Discover Stripe Practice Freely tank.

Heathered Ivory Good Karma Pullover, black denim Will Pants, Inkblot CRB
These ladies wear the Good Karma pullover well.

Black Wee Are From Space Excel Crop (I hope this prints turn up in a tank. I'm hoping for a Push UR Limits with it.) paired with the ribbed Cool Racerback.

Two new items that were added to the website but I didn't notice until I saw my product notice email - Deep Indigo Relaxed Fit pants and a Discover Stripe Scoop Neck Tank.

Outfit of the Day for Pure Barre Class

I have to admit I did not enjoy Pure Barre. It's very discouraging to confront how weak you are. However, I deliberately bought a package of classes to keep myself going. I also like having the chance to wear my lower support tanks. Today's Outfit of the Day is a Black Swan Power Technique Tank, Wunder Groove crops, and a Lilac/Casis Dance Headband. I am wearing a black wrap I got from Nordstrom Rack. Maybe today will be better but I am going in with low expectations. ;-)