Monday, February 20, 2012

Tonight's Upload - Blasts From the Past

Dance Strap Tank

Retro Rainbow Crop

Shape Jacket

Swift Tank
Some interesting pieces from lulu's past were uploaded tonight.
  • The Dance Strap tank hasn't been out for quite a few years. This tank doesn't work for my chest but I know quite a few people were big fans of this tank. 
  • The Retro Rainbow crops are a very old design, at least four years old but I think even older than that. The shape reminds me of the Groove crop. 
  • I used to own the Shape jacket. It's quite short and fitted. I know most people like to size up in this jacket. 
  • The Swift tank was the forerunner of the Push UR Limits. I think a lot of people were bummed when it was discontinued. If you like the Push UR Limit definitely give the Swift a try. I believe the Swift was only uploaded to the US side tonight.

Two tank in the pretty new Lavender Dush color were uploaded - the Push UR Limits (I think to the Canadian side only for now) and a Scoop Neck.

This pretty Push UR Limit was only uploaded to the Canadian side tonight. I like it but I am leary of luxtreme tops in light colors.
 Pretty new version of the Daily bag in Fossil and Lavender Dusk.

Something I am kind of excited to see - Reverse Groove shorts in tall lengths. They are a couple more inches longer than regular Groove shorts. I used to toy with the idea of getting these years ago but never did. I want to give them another try. They are a little shorter than Biker Grooves and might work for spin. I need to search these out at the store.

Did you order anything?

Outfit of the Day for Spin Class

I finally took the tags off my Paris Pink Swiftly tank today. I did not pre-wash it and did not have any issues with bleeding at all during or after spin class. I've asked around and I don't think I've read of people having issues with the Swiftlys in Paris. This OOTD (Outfit of the Day) is: Paris Pink Swiftly tank, Hills Crops (front is luxtreme, back is luon), Bubbilicious Mesh Headwrap, and Black Snowy Owl Scuba. I also took the tags off my new Inkblot Every Yogi tee to wear later in the day and didn't have any bleeding issues with that either.

Aquamarine In Stride with Matching Daily Gym Bag

This photo makes me want this whole look - Aquamarine / Discover Stripe In Stride Jacket and matching Aquamarine Daily Gym bag.

Arriving in Stores Now - Discover Stripe, Lavender Dusk, and More

A photo of the new Lavender Dusk Practice Freely showed up in one of my product alert emails. It looks much paler here than it does in real life.

The official lulu model photo of the Aquamarine/Discover Stripe Practice Freely tank. This is arriving in US stores now.

New Discover Stripe Groove Pants are hitting US stores.

 New Heathered Indigo Relaxed Fit Crops.

New Aquamarine Gather and Crow Crops.

Store Trip Report: Solid Lavender Dusk Practice Freely Tank

I got a chance to visit the Santa Monica and Brentwood stores today and saw a few new things. It looks like the new arrivals for today were Practice Freely Tanks in solid Lavender Dusk and Aquamarine with the Discover Stripe bra. The stores also got Flow Y bras in the Discover Stripe pattern. I really like Lavender Dusk and hope there will be other tanks in this new color. I ended up buying the Wunder Under crops in Indigo Denim. I liked them when I tried them on last week but left them at the store. I kept thinking about them, though, and decided to get them today. I've read comments that say they soften up with washing.