Friday, February 17, 2012

Photos of the Latest

I saw these crops in the store today - they are Deep Indigo Excel crops with a Wee Are From Space waistband. They are very low key if you are looking for solid Deep Indigo luxtreme crops.

A couple of photos featuring Black Wee Stripe Wunder Under bottoms. Both are paired with the Paris ribbed striped CRB. I tried on the Wee Stripe WU pants but I don't care for WU pants on me. The wee stripe WU pants are as soft as the wee stripe crops.

The Inkblot Every Yogi tee paired with Tea Lounge pants - a cozy, comfy outfit.

The Aquamarine In Stride is very distinctive with the Discover Stripe lulu symbol. The top photo pairs it with the Excel crop in the Wee Are From Space/Aquamarine. I really like that combo.

The Heathered Aquamarine Every Yogi tee. There is a white EY coming. I got a PN for it today.

The new Scoop Neck tanks are long now.

New Metal Vent Tech in Heathered Silver Slate. I like this pale gray neutral. I need to keep an eye out for it for my husband.

I love this combo - Paris Swiftly 1/2 Zip (I was hoping to try this on today but neither store I went to had it) and Paris Inspire crops.

I love this combo, too. The Aquamarine Back on Track tank with coordinating Excel crops.

 I am liking the Wee Are From Space Ta Ta Tamer. I saw it in the store and liked it much better in person. It's black yet kind of wild.

Today's Shopping Trip

I went to the store today hoping to check out the Deep Indigo Studio Crops and the new Striped Ribbed Cool Racerback, among other things. I had high hopes for the new Ribbed CRB since a lot of people have commented how light they feel and have been leaving the store with them. At the first store I went to they only had the Black and Fossil in my sizes so I tried on the Fossil. I was disappointed at the lack of stretch and soft feel compared to a regular Cool Racerback. I was able to try on the Paris at a second store and it was a little softer but the Striped Ribbed CRBs are not as stretchy as normal Cool Racerbacks. The CRB fit has changed a little because now the back of the neck gaps on me and the waist has more extra material in my typical tank size. I usually size down to a ten in Cool Racerbacks but in the Striped Ribbed one the lack of stretch meant my chest was kind of smashed down in the ten. The above photo shows the fabric content. I usually tear the tags out of my CRBs but I'm pretty sure luon light has a fabric content similar to regular luon - 87% nylon, 13% lycra. I liked the look of the curved hem but the cheap feel of the fabric is a big turnoff to me.

I tried on the new Every Yogi tee. I am a big Lively Crewneck tee fan so I was hoping the fit hadn't changed too much. The photo above shows that the fabric content has remained the same (left is the Every Yogi, right is the Lively Tee).

One thing I can say I am not a major fan of is the trite "love ALWAYS" tag. As you can see in the Inkblot version, it's outlined in Paris Pink thread so you have this giant pink rectangle on your upper back. It's still very visible in the other colors no matter how the poorly lit photos on the lulu website make it look.

Size 10 Inkblot Every Yogi Tee - big white space down the middle

Size 8 Inkblot Every Yogi Tee - pattern pleasantly centered

Size 8 Every Yogi on top of a Size 10 Lively Crewneck
As for the sizing, it seems similar to the Lively Crewneck, except quite a bit longer, slightly longer sleeves, and maybe bigger in the shoulders. In the photo above, I have the size 8 Every Yogi laid on top of a size 10 Lively Crewneck and they match up perfectly through the shoulders to armpit. The waist is a bit narrower and the length quite a bit longer. I'm not a fan of these super long tops at all. I'm 5' 5" but I can't imagine how these longer tops are working for petite women. I typically buy a size ten in the Lively Crewneck to get a more figure hugging fit but went down to the eight in the Every Yogi in the Inkblot pattern to get a similar fit. I also preferred the centered pattern on the size eight version.

Every Yogi LS
Original Cabin LS
I tried on the Every Yogi LS thinking I wouldn't mind another Cabin-like top made out of Vitasea. I like the feel of the top a lot and it runs true to size. I've read comments that say the Every Yogi LS feels warmer than the Cabin LS but I thought it felt similar. I still prefer the look of the the original Cabin LS - with the contrast stitching and real cuffs. The latest Cabins and this new Every Yogi is too dull-looking to me. I also much prefer the original length. The Every Yogi was ridiculously long. It hits me at the same spot as it does on the lulu model but I don't care for that length at all in a snug shirt. It would look like a dress on my 5' sister. I like tunic length tops, but make it a true tunic and bell it out a little. I also didn't care for the fact that the black wee stripe version reversed to solid black since I already have a black Cabin LS. Most of the Cabins and now Every Yogis reverse to the same three colors - black, gray, or white.

I was hoping to try on the Deep Indigo Studio Crops but my stores only had the Studio Pants. I really like the Deep Indigo color but if I got the pants I'd need to hem at least 4" off the bottom. I'd lose the cinch cord but I never use them in the pants that have them. I think the crops make better sense for my climate.

I tried on the Tea Lounge pants and loved them. They were very soft and I really liked the Deep Navy color. They are super casual looking and I already have two pairs of Feel Good sweat pants so I am taken care of when it comes to casual lounging pants. If you are in the market for some comfy sweats, check out the Tea Lounge pants. I thought they fit true to size. If they go on markdown I might pick up a pair.

I tried on the Inkblot Scoop Neck tank because I had heard the fit had changed on the Scoop Neck tanks. The only thing I noticed was that the fabric in the Inkblot version felt much thinner than the Inkblot Power Y. The chest felt a bit tighter, too. The fabric content is a bit different between the two, which is odd since they are both supposed to be made out of regular weight luon. The Inkblot Power Y material is 88% polyester, 12% lycra and the Inkblot Scoop Neck tank is 94% polyester, 6% lycra. Hmm, less lycra again. Is this a new trend for lulu? I noticed the chest seemed to fit snugger than normal in the Scoop Neck. The Inkblot Scoop Neck is much longer than previous Scoop Neck tanks. As you can see from the two above photos, it does look like the length of the Scoop Neck has changed. That is the same model in both photos yet the Inkblot Scoop is about 3" longer.

I got my new Discover Stripe headband today. I was kind of thinking I wouldn't like the pattern at all since it is a bit Tommy-Hilfigger preppy looking but I do like it. The Lavender Dusk stripe is more blue than lavender and reminds me a lot of Haze. I laid a Lilac/Casis Dance headband on top to compare the "purples". I also held it up to a lilac and lavender tanks to compare to. Lavender Dusk is definitely more of a periwinkle than a lavender.

I went to the Fashion Island and Irvine stores today. Both stores had healthy markdown sections but Irvine had a ton of bottoms. Fashion Island had a lot of Apres Run Anoraks and they were all marked down to $109, the same price it is on the Canadian We Made Too Much section. The Apres Run Anorak were recently removed from the US side of the website so I'd keep my eyes peeled on the We Made Too Much section for them to show up at the lower price.