Sunday, February 12, 2012

Today's Shopping Trip- New! Run: Excel Crops

Sorry for the blurred photo
I went to the store today to pick up some pants for my husband and saw some new new knee-length run crops called the Excel Crops. My store had them in the Wee Are From Space print in black and aquamarine. They also had solid black (up to size 12), and black with a Paris waistband. They don't have any circle mesh inserts and the inseam is 16". The tag says the angled hem won't bunch up around your knee but that's exactly where these crops did end up. I found the hem uncomfortable and much prefer a ribbed bottom opening if there is a chance the crop is going to ride up to my knee. (For reference, I am 5'5"). I didn't care for the seam that cut across the back of the leg, either.

Spotted In Stores: Good Karma Pullover and Deep Indigo Swiftly SS

New French Terry half pullover called the Good Karma pullover. It's $78 and comes in Heathered Black and Heathered White. I think it's cute but not sure if I "need" one. This is from a US store.

Also spotted in the stores, a short sleeve Swiftly in Deep Indigo. The same woman who posted this happened to also own a Black Swan Swiftly. The Deep Indigo is on the left and the Black Swan in on the right. The difference is subtle.

The new curved ribbed hem Cool Racerbacks have hit the US so I'd expect them to hit the rest of the country next week. This is the black one. (Thanks to Ms. A for all these photos.)