Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lots of Legs in the Latest

Chase Me Crop closeups.

 More Spirit Tight II photos in the Wee Are From Space print.

Heathered Deep Indigo Wunder Unders - really like the look of these

Chase Me Pant

The Same Girl Modeling Three of the Latest Bottoms

Chase Me Crops in the Wee Are From Space Print

Tried and True Inspire II Crops

Spirit Tight IIs in the Wee Are From Space Print

I love when the same model wears different styles and/or colors. In this case it's a little unfair to compare since the styles are in three different colors - Indigo Space Print, Black, Black Space Print. The Chase Me Crops are probably the most flattering - I think the dark sides are visually slimming - but we don't have a full-on front view to compare. I probably dislike the bottom the most because there is too much white in the pattern. I haven't really liked the Wee Are From Space print Spirit Tights on very many people.

Photos: Indigo Spirit Tights, Tracker II shorts, "Ribbed" CRB, Switch Back Half Zip, and More

I'm not sure I love the Wee Are From Space version of the Spirit Tight IIs but this version is very eye-catching. Shown with a coordinating Adjust Me bra in the Quiet Stripe pattern.

The Tracker II shorts are coming! These are Paris Pink and not another pink as we thought when we first saw them on the lulu website.

It's very hard to see but there are embossed vertical stripe on this Paris Pink Cool Racerback. I believe the version is referred to as being "ribbed." This is from Australia so not here yet. (Thanks to Megan for the photo.)

Some photos of the Switch Back Half Zip pullover. I like the simple design and hope it's coming in other colors.

These were called Turbo Run shorts in the caption but I think they look too short for Turbos - am I right? I think they are the Quiet Stripe Speed shorts.

The Every Yogi Tank and full length view of the Tea Lounge Pant.