Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photos: Discover Scuba

The more photos I see of the Discover Scuba I see the more I would like one but I need to chill. I already have four Scubas. I don't really need another.

Photos: Pack and Go Pullover

 I wasn't really loving the Pack and Go Pullover but the girl in the top photo makes me want to get one. I wonder if she sized down in it or just has it hiked up. I like it on her.

Photos: Paris Every Yogi Tank, Black Wee Stripe Wunder Unders, and More

Every Yogi tank in Paris Pink. A woman who bought this said the color is the same as shown on the website which is really pretty.

New Wunder Unders in Black Wee Stripe/ Heathered Black. I love these.

Heathered Paris Pink Power Y and matching Groove Pants.

Inkblot Scoop Neck tank and matching Groove Pants.

New Speed Shorts coming in Black with Aquamarine trim.

Deep Indigo Inspire Crops

The Aquamarine Scoop Neck, shown with the Chase Me Skirt in the top two photos.

Inkblot CRB with Aquamarine Chase Me Skirt and the Deep Indigo Chase Me Skirt.

Aquamarine LS Swiftly with the Quiet Stripe Speed Shorts

Michelle Obama in Lulu

Michelle Obama sporting a Switchback LS for the Jimmy Fallon show. (Thanks to reader Kim for the heads up.)

Photos - Chase Me Pant

I love how great these look on the girl in the top photo. I can't wait to see these in my store.

Photos - Spirit II Tights

Photos - Chase Crop

All the latest photos on the new Chase Crops. I am reading these run snugger than typical run crops and you might want to size up. The waistband is running tight.