Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo - Black Wee Stripe In Stride, New Response and Surge Pants for Men

I neglected to post this yesterday. There is a new In Stride out in Black Wee Stripe. Do you find that the In Stride runs larger than the Stride jackets? I didn't think they did but my sister tried on an In Stride in a two and it was swimming on her compared to the Stride Jacket she already owns in the same size. It could have just been the one she tried on - silver spoon pique - but I wondered if any of you know.

The Endless Circle Scarf is pretty but still pricey at $68.

The black Full Expression Tee and Endless Scarf.

The Full Expression tee is kind of cute in this photo. It looks billowy enough that you could use it as a maternity top.

I love the denim Deep Indigo Wunder Unders but I don't think they are in the US - has anyone spotted them at their store?

New Response shorts in Heathered Soot. The zipper pocket has been relocated upwards.

New Surge pant for men. I saw these in the store yesterday. They are made of Swift material, the same material as Response shorts, and are super lightweight.

There is also a new Surge short. They look pretty short. I'll have to tell my husband about these. He might like them for running.

 New Surge jacket for the men made out of swift. I am a sucker for houndstooth.