Monday, January 30, 2012


Upload! Some goodies. I need to digest them but will update this post.

New Run: Like the Wind hat. I have a ton of hats so I'm good there. Plus, I need to try this on in a store and $32 is kind of pricey. I wouldn't mind a visor, though.

New Apres Practice Anorak. It's not bad but I don't love it, especially at $158. I'd need to try this on, too.

I am just not loving Inkblot. This Scuba is too wild even for me. It's odd how the right hand cuff is so white compared to the rest of the Scuba.

The Daily Gym bag finally showed up. There are no photos of the interior, though. Only black for now and not the two-tone we saw in the hint photos.

The Endless Circle Scarf is rather outrageously priced at $68. An easy pass for me.

Two new Cool Racerbacks were uploaded - Pigment Bold Stripe and heathered Aquamarine. I know the Aquamarine is in some stores already but haven't seen any photos of the fat striped CRB yet.

My wallet is safe this week, I think. The Inkblot Power Y and CRB were also uploaded but I want to try them on to see if I like them. It also looks like the Modern Racer and Lively Tee have been updated a little - there is now an Every Yogi Tank and Every Yogi Tee. The Every Yogi tank looks like it might have a different cut than the Modern Racer and the neck of the tee looks a little larger. They also have a tag sewn into the neckline:

Awww, so happy-feely.

Well, boo! One of the cuter things to come out this week - Deep Indigo/White denim Wunder Under crops is only on the Canadian side.

The Practice Freely tanks only showed up on the Canadian side, too.

Poo! The Inkblot Lucky Luon headband is only in Canada. The US got the slipless version.

Photos: Practice Freely Tank - Paris Pink, Deep Indigo Stripes, and Inkblot

The first photo I have seen of the Paris Pink Practice Freely tank. It's shown with the Fossil Slub denim Yin to You Crops. The Practice Freely shows a bit too much skin on the sides for my comfort zone but I like it a lot in this color.

 The Deep Indigo/White Bold Stripe Practice Freely tank.

The Ikblot Practice Freely with the matching Wunder Unders is quite a lot of Inkblot. How many times can you pull that one out of the closet for class?