Friday, January 27, 2012

Outfit of the Day for Spin Class

Last and least for the day - my outfit for spin class: Black Biker Groove shorts, Wish Blue Circle Mesh Cool Racerback, Rocksteady Ta Ta Tamer, and Wish Blue Multi Ponch (MUPS) Scuba. Wish Blue is probably my favorite lulu blue. I bought a ton of it when it came out. I tried to take it easy in spin today to not irritate my ITB but it still was a bit sore after class. It seems better now. I think rolling and stretching right away makes a huge difference. I probably will run next on Sunday. The winds tonight have kicked up something fierce - 25-35 mph with gusts to 65 mph - and aren't supposed to die down until tomorrow afternoon. I went out there with my wind meter (yes, I am a bit of a weather geek) to check and it definitely is in that range. I live at the top of the Santa Ana Canyon (where the Santa Ana winds get their name from) so we get very nasty winds here this time of year. My sister is coming into town tomorrow so I am thinking she might run my measly little workout with me. Maybe she'll tape me up with her KT tape. She tells me she liked it for treating her ITB issues.

NEW! Flow and Go Tote

A new bag just popped up in one of my product alerts - the Flow and Go Tote. I don't have any info on what other colors it comes in.

Product Information:

  • A roomy tote designed as the perfect compliment to your practice
  • Convertible fold over messenger style is perfect on the go
  • Zippered pocket at side gussets holds a yoga mat
  • Back zippered padded pocket fits a 15"/38cm laptop
  • Intuitive interior pockets keep essentials organized
  • Zippered wet-dry pocket and removable shoe bag keep sweaty clothes isolated
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Tested to hold 50lbs/22kg

NEW! Deep Indigo Swiftly Tank and Cross My Heart Bra

I neglected to post this earlier. It definitely looks like the new Swiftly Racerback is Deep Indigo. I suppose it could be black but I'm going with Deep Indigo for now. There is also a new Cross My Heart bra in Deep Indigo.

Two More Yin to You Colors - Inkblot and Slub Denim

These are really wild but what top do you wear with this? Are you stuck with Deep Indigo or white tops? I guess you could wear an inkblot print top but I think that would be too much Inkblot print.

Photos of two more Yin to You crop colors - in the Inkblot print and what looks like Slub Denim. I really like these. I know they won't work for me but I really like them a lot.

Prices on Tea Lounge Pullover / Transformation Wrap

I am reading that the Tea Lounge Pullover is $88 and the Transformation Wrap is $138.

The Latest - Tea Lounge Pullover, Wild Wunder Unders, and Transformation Wrap Photos

The Deep Indigo Ebb and Flow looks cute with the Inkblot print Wunder Unders. The Tea Lounge Pullover looks good with the striped Wunder Unders.

Tea Lounge Pullover, Transformation Wrap, and Inkblot Wunder Unders. I kind of like the Tea Lounge Pullover.

A couple more Transformation Wrap photos.

Are my eyes deceiving me or does this look like a possible Deep Indigo Swiftly and Wunder Unders? It's hard to tell from the coloring in the photo but it could be. I'm not 100% sure but I will update when I find out for sure. Update - now that I think about this, these are probably Ebb and Flow crops and not Wunder Unders. The new Ebb and Flow crops come in Deep Indigo.

More Photos of the Transformation Wrap

This wrap looks interesting. The caption said it was made of boolux cashmere, whatever that is. I like that you can adjust the length but I'm sure the price is fairly hefty.

NEW! Paris Pink to Black Reversible Wunder Unders

These Wunder Unders showed up on a Canadian morning show a couple of weeks ago and I know people have been waiting for them. They are finally here. The black reverses to Paris Pink.

NEW! Practice Freely Tank

New Practice Freely Tank in Paris Pink and Inkblot print/Coal. They are shown with the Paris Pink/Black Reversible Wunder Unders. This looks like a No Limit Tank based on the Arise bra.

NEW! Wunder Under Pant Prints - Quiet Stripe and Inkblot

Two fun new Wunder Under pant prints. The stripes look fantastic on the girl in the top photo.

NEW! Tea Lounge Cotton Pullover

New Tea Lounge cotton pullover. I like the top portion a lot but am not sure about the really wide flare at the bottom. The top photo is shown with new Inkblot print Wunder Under pants.

NEW! Yin to You Crop

New Yin to You crop. It's crops with a sheer luon over skirt. Interesting. As soon as I get more details I will update.

NEW! Transformation Wrap

This must have been the wrap the educator told me about. It's called the Transformation Wrap. I like it. I will update with more details when I find them but I wanted to get the photos out there ASAP.

Photo From the Chicago Warehouse Sale

A friend sent me this photo of the line for the Chicago warehouse sale around 8ish this morning.Oofa! Good luck shopping, Laura!